Saturday, November 26, 2011

SHOWCASING: "Get Lenin" - by Robert Craven

by Robert Craven

Eva Molenaar: Ingenue, muse, model, assassin. She's uncovered a plan & she's the only one who can stop it....

As the German troops approach Moscow during the Russian offensive of World War II, encountering ever more determined resistance as they go, what if they could snatch the greatest and most heroic symbol of the Soviet Revolution, the body of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin? Would Soviet morale collapse? Would Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union be defeated? Would Nazi Germany conquer the world? This is the intriguing premise of Robert Craven's 'Get LENIN' which pits the academic British spymaster Henry Chainbridge and the seductive Polish infiltrator Eva Molenaar against the elite of the German Third Reich and the wealth and ambition of American movie mogul Donald T. Kincaid who will amass yet another fortune for himself recording the Nazis' triumphal seizure of Lenin himself. The race is on, and if the Nazi plot succeeds the war and humanity itself may be lost.

ISBN: 1461194016

Price - paperback (US) $11.99
Kindle (US) $1.16 & 99c in some stores.
Kindle (UK) £0.86


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