Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quick Review: The Handbook for Increasing Your Relationship IQ - by Edward L Fairley

"The Handbook for Increasing Your Relationship IQ" 
by Edward L Fairley

REVIEWED BY:  David Fritz


Rather than rehash typical advice for couples, Edward L. Fairley offers some unexpected twists to conventional thinking that provide the reader with what sounds and feels like "inside information" even about the most intimate of communications. He does not shy away from specific instructions about how to navigate sexual intimacy and communicate differences in assumptions, interpretations, and expectations.
A self-described observer of relationships, Fairley supplies examples of people in various situations with differing consequences, and provides alternative approaches and solutions. By "seeing" through the eyes of others, the author is able to simplify the complex dynamics of love, romance, and marriage, and the powerful result is practical and engaging.

In "The Handbook for Increasing Your Relationship IQ", the author grabs you by the hand and shows you how to recognize and resolve some of the most common issues in relationships. He takes a complex and often-avoided, sensitive subject, and presents it in an easy-to-read, homely voice.

For starters, the voice in which the book is written is that of a close friend or confidant, and thus immediately you feel at ease with the author - very important when discussing such a tricky and personal subject. No preaching or aloofness here!

Secondly, the book is a quick and easy read: less than 60 pages of top-class information, written in an easy-to-digest style.

I liked the short, to-the-point chapters, filled with vivid examples and with delightful titles such as "Live, Lie, Steal, Die". Problems are identified and practical solutions are presented. I effortlessly read the entire book in one sitting, without getting bored, and when I read through it a second time, only days later, the book still hadn't lost any of its freshness and originality.

You may very well think, "why another book on relationships - aren't there
enough already?" Plenty, yes, but with recent statistics showing a divorce rate of 40-50% for first marriages and 60-70% for second and third marriages, one can't help but question the power of penetration of the other books on offer. Although there are several causes for failed relationships and marriages, the number one cause is poor communication; and verbal and non-verbal communication is precisely what the author focuses on.

Don't know what to give your dating or in-a-relationship brother, sister, cousin or friend as a gift? Or that couple getting married? I dare you: give this book as a gift so that they can learn to "do what most people don't do, so they can have what most people don't have." It’s a must-read for everyone involved in a relationship or planning to become involved at some time.

With this book Mr Fairley succeeds where many others have failed.


Edward Fairley considers himself a spiritual individual who believes he was created to help people gain the knowledge he wishes he attained much earlier in life, by teaching and inspiring in a manner that makes possible the transformation of the negatives in life to positives. He is an advertising executive for the Virginian-Pilot. He enjoys his wife and two children, public speaking, mentoring, reading, cooking, stepping, and participating in a plethora of other self-improvement pursuits.

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