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REVIEW: "THE SLEEPING" (The Lilean Chronicles, Book 2) - by Merita King

(The Lilean Chronicles, 
Book 2)
by Merita King

REVIEWED BY: Ellen Fritz


Just as Vincent and Farra begin to relax after their battle with the Transmortal Army, a new terror befalls Lilea. As they look forward to their pledging ceremony the first signs that something is wrong become apparent. They cannot understand why their spirit guides have left them and it isn't until the Lilean people begin to succumb to a mysterious affliction that they realise a new evil has found them. Plunged into a terrible nightmare, Vincent battles to find reality amongst the make believe as he struggles to come to terms with loss and betrayal. 

Many days away across the gulf of space their Drycenian friends suddenly find themselves hosts to some uninvited guests who beg them for their help. Whilst racing to Lilea they must find a way to communicate with their new guests in order that they know how to aid their friends. It is up to one man to venture into the darkness alone and put his own soul at risk to save Vincent, so that they can try to end this new evil and save Lilea from the terror of The Sleeping.


Evil has a nasty habit of resurfacing and in “The Sleeping” this quickly becomes apparent to Vincent, Farra and their old friends, The Drycenians.  Not even a year had passed since the Lileans started to repatriate to their own planet, and the spirit guides are disappearing; people are falling into a very deep sleep and soon all power sources on Lilea cut out.  With the Lileans in mortal peril and those who can't be used by the transmortal spirits having their heads messed with, it is up to the Drycenians to hasten to the rescue. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and could hardly put it down.  Thrilling action and nail-biting suspense are beautifully balanced by some tender, romantic scenes and frequent humorous moments.  A touch of spirituality brings depth to the story and I was truly moved by the caring and love the characters show towards one another. 

For those who love the technical details of a high-tech space environment, there is plenty to grip your imagination in this novel.  The author cleverly inserts world building and information concerning the history of the various races into the book without compromising the flow of the story.  The wonderfully crafted characters, already dear to me from the first book in this series, “Redemption”, now feel like old friends and I hope we'll get to read more about them in future books. 

I would advise readers to read the first book in the series before reading “The Sleeping”.  I happily give this marvelously written book five stars and hope that more of the same will soon come our way.


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