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REVIEW: "GATEKEEPER" (Hayle Coven Series, Book 6) - by Patti Larsen

(Hayle Coven Series, Book 6)
by Patti Larsen

REVIEWED BY: Ellen Fritz


Syd had been hoping grade twelve would go smoothly. But it’s not even the first day of class and she’s dreaming about some Sidhe gate and an approaching threat. Before she can enlist her mother’s help, her grandmother Ethpeal disappears, presumably gone after the Dumonts. Miriam pursues her mother, leaving Syd in charge of the coven. All fine and good, except no one trusts or believes in her. Add to that her new friend, Liam, seems somehow tied to the dreams she’s having, threats from Celeste and the fact Meira is suddenly acting like a little brat and Syd has her hands full. Maybe too full. 

Someone is knocking at the Gate and she has no way of answering.


In "Gatekeeper", the sixth novel in the Hayle Coven series, Patti Larsen has yet another absolutely unique story to tell.

After a peaceful bit of summer holiday, Syd starts her senior year with even more troubles and responsibilities than she ever had before.  Her mom leaves her in charge of the coven while she goes off to find her vanished grandmother. Syd's little sister, Meira, has turned into a brat, and she is having frightening dreams about a full moon and a gate.  At school the nasty new vice principal seems to be targeting her for punishments, Her best friend Alison has a personal crisis, and what is the connection between her dreams and the hot new guy, Liam O'Dane?    

I enjoyed this suspense-laden and yet heart warming book as much as - if not more - the previous five Hayle Coven novels.  The wonderfully realistic characters feel like old friends to me while new additions to the character cast brings a freshness to every new book. The main character, Syd, never fails to make me smile even while she is in the most dire of disastrous situations.  Her dialogue is excellent but it is in Syd's inner dialogue and highly amusing thoughts that the author works her true magic.  From mental self-admonishment and speculations, to her inner conversations with her demon and Shaylee, the sidhe princess, you will find yourself howling with laughter.  The close bond Syd has with her family, friends and her very special talking pets, brings a lovely tenderness to the story.   

As is usual with this author's books, I could not put "Gatekeeper" down.  Again I have to advise readers to get hold of the first five books in this series before reading "Gatekeeper".  A huge cheer and 5 stars for another wonderful book! 



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