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REVIEW: "THE LONG LOST" (Hayle Coven Series, book 5) - by Patti Larsen

(Hayle Coven Series, book 5)
by Patti Larsen

REVIEWED BY: Ellen Fritz


A Dumont Witch

“That talk you promised me?” I hated myself for throwing it in Quaid’s face, but I couldn’t help myself, couldn’t. I’d waited for this moment, for him, we’d been through so much together it just wasn’t fair.


“Things are complicated now.” Quaid looked away from me, hands clenching. “I just wanted to let you know I was okay. That I found my family. And to tell you I’m happy.”

Syd’s worst fear has come true. Quaid found his family, the Dumont coven, and has chosen them over her. Not to be outdone, her friends are all going their separate ways, her solid normal foundation falling out from beneath her. When the Dumonts come for a visit, Syd’s family history unfolds, leading her to discover things that shake her beliefs about herself and those she loves while struggling to accept she’s lost her one true love.


“The Long Lost”, book five in the Hayle Coven Series, is definite proof that the series is getting better with each book.  Syd, now with her demon and a sidhe princess Shaylee inside her to strengthen her magically, is trying to enjoy the summer holidays which is proving to be anything but a holiday.  Several of her friends are leaving town, an evil grudge bearing coven arrives and, as usual, her friends and family are being targeted.  Assisted by her family and her pets/friends, Galleytrot, hound of the wild hunt, and her demon cat, Sassafras, she once again has to kick butt to save and protect those who are dear to her.  Of course the cheer squad - never her friends - has to complicate matters.

Sydlynn Hayle is one of the most realistic main characters I have ever met in the numerous books I have read.  A very normal rebellious teenager, she has moments of self pity, self doubt and a fierce protectiveness toward her friends and family.  Her thoughts and inner dialogue are extremely natural but most of the time also hilariously funny.  The author allows her characters to grow throughout the series thus keeping it fresh and believable within the paranormal setting.  The witty dialogue, and especially Syd's smart mouth, had me smiling despite the nonstop action and suspense. 

The title of the book is highly appropriate as old grudges from the Hayle coven's past surface and enemies thought to be dead, gone or powerless, reappear.  With every new book in the series the author finds a new and refreshing story to tell. “The Long Lost” has a tender, bitter-sweet romantic twist for those who like a bit of romance in a story.
I won’t hesitate to recommend this book as an absolute must-read for readers of all ages.  I would, however, advise that you read the first four books in the Hayle Coven series before you read this one. Believe me, you'll love them all!  Thumbs up, five stars and many cheers for an excellent book and a wonderful author!


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