Sunday, September 23, 2012

REVIEW: "THE FIGHTER" (Scarlet Night Series) - by Nathan Squiers

(Scarlet Night Series)
by Nathan Squiers

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow


Zane's life is in the dumps…

And, lately, subjecting his body to anything that might help him forget has become all he knows.

As the realization that he has no purpose and nothing left to strive for, he's forced to admit what he's tried so hard to forget:

Gregori is dead.

With the ghost of what he was looming over what he's become and his promiscuous and self-destructive life spiraling out of control, the monster beneath his skin urges him to destroy.

With an urge to destroy pulling him ever-closer to the edge of chaos, what future exists for this once-proud fighter?


I can see why Nathan Squiers refers to himself as the literary dark prince. This is a first-class piece of writing and I was really impressed with all the wordplay and comparisons throughout this short story, but the profanity was a little too much for me. I liked Zoey’s character but had a hard time connecting with Zane’s one-dimensional character. Although I enjoyed reading this novella and am an ardent fan of Nathan’s writing, I don’t think it will be to everybody’s liking.



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