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REVIEW: "THE WILD" (Hayle Coven series, book 4) - by Patti Larsen

(Hayle Coven series, book 4)
by Patti Larsen

REVIEWED BY: Ellen Fritz


Syd has what she’s always wanted. Thanks to her demon’s sacrifice, she is finally normal. Why then does she want her magic back so badly? It really sucks to find out Brad was only into her because of her power. And even Quaid is keeping his distance. Her loss couldn’t have come at a worse time. A storm is brewing, one that could devour the entire world. Syd refuses to accept she will never be a witch again, doing everything she can to track down the Chosen of the Light and rescue her demon. If only the ordinary life she’s been building didn’t interfere.


They say, be careful what you wish for, and in “The Wild” Sydlynn Hayle finds out exactly what that means.  She had always wanted a normal life just like any other teenager.  Now she has that; her demon taken from her and her magical power somehow bound.  When Brad Peters - who had been attracted to her because of her magic and his own latent magic - dumps her, and Quaid Moromond seems to be ignoring her, she starts regretting her wish for normality.  Add to this the frustration of not having her demon and her magic when the coven is in dire need of her help, and we have a very frustrated and sorry-for-herself young girl.  The dreams that she and her friend Pain have, add an unexpected twist to an already exciting and suspenseful story.   

As is usually the case with Patti Larsen's books, I simply could not put the book down.  Apart from continuous action and nonstop suspense which kept me riveted, the author has a tremendously comfortable and easy-to-read way of telling the story. I particularly loved the quirky and often hilarious dialogue.  Talk about hilarious, Syd's thoughts and inner dialogue had me howling with laughter.  Even while thinking serious thoughts, Syd still has a funny way of expressing things to herself. 

Except for normal developmental changes, the author kept all her characters' personalities consistent throughout the series so far.  This helps the reader to love, understand and sympathize with all the characters - even the not so nice ones.  She brilliantly integrates Syd's normal life of school, friends and boyfriends into her paranormal dealings with the coven, thus making the story so much more believable. 

I would advise readers to get the first three books in the Hayle Coven Series before reading “The Wild”.  A huge cheer for Patti Larsen for another beautifully told story and a well deserved five stars.



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