Thursday, October 20, 2011


My name is Angie and I’m a read-a-holic. I lose myself in books, devour page after page, and am oblivious to my surroundings for as long as I’m exploring another world or walking in the shoes of a fictional character. Some might argue that I’m oblivious to my surroundings all of the time – whether stuck in a book or daydreaming about writing a book - but whichever it might be, I’m addicted to reading and absurdly proud of it. I’ve been this way ever since I started reading at the tender age of three, and by the time I went to first grade, I easily got bored when I finished the assigned reading material in a day instead of the prescribed two weeks. My first grade teacher was at a loss how to keep me busy for a whole year; my mom only shrugged and got me more books to keep me out of her hair, her hot curlers, her Tupperware cupboard, and…well…the rest of her stuff. Thus, I was getting more books and was essentially, if you had asked me, “living the dream.”

Oh, how I miss the simplicity of my childhood.

My reading addiction aside, I’m a full-time working mom living in South Africa with my hubby and two beautiful boys—one a rambunctious toddler and the other a moodier-than-cookie-monster-on-a-cracker-diet teenager. English is my second language, but it’s the one I like best of the two I can speak. My favorite things to do include—but are not limited to—reading (don’t tell me you hadn’t seen that one coming), going to the movies, reading, singing loudly in the car, reading, singing loudly while wearing my headphones, and laughing so much my tummy hurts. 

Hey, I’m on a roll here. Indulge me another minute, will ya? 

I love cats, horror books and movies, things that go bump in the night, my kindle, reading, being spoiled by my husband, and seeing my children at their happiest. I don’t believe in ghosts, aliens, or the line “your call is important to us” while waiting thirty minutes for someone to pick-up on the other end. I’m afraid of scorpions, snakes, public restrooms, Lady Gaga, and clowns; and the taste of raisins give me the heebiejeebies.

I hate books with whiny, insecure, female characters, and I no longer read books where the blurb on the back cover contains any of the following words or phrases:
- vampire(s)
- werewolve(s)
- “have recurring dreams”
- vision(s)
- premonition(s)
- “memory loss”
- reincarnation

So, if you haven’t fallen asleep yet, I’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to explore my blog and read some of the reviews I’ve written. You’re welcome to follow me on Twitter. Just give the “Follow Me on Twitter” button a quick click, and I’ll follow you back. There’s also the option to be my friend on Goodreads where you’ll find in one place all the reviews I’ve written over the past thirteen months. I’d also be super chuffed if you’d “like” my Facebook page.

This brings me to the end of my “short” bio, so I’ll leave you with this confession: I once—no make that twice—licked the teaspoon with which I was stirring my former boss’s coffee on the two occasions he made snide remarks about the books I was reading.

Yes, I’m absurdly proud of doing that too. :) 


Shaun said...

Very nice blog, I'll be sure to look back for more updates.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I love your book taste - especially the list of words you provided. I could not agree less!

Thanks for following my blog, Oh, Chrys! It is with pleasure that I am doing the same. :D

Moon Fish said...

I am the author of Ziggy Two Step. I wish I had the passion and energy to read as much as you do. You are doing a great service here with your blog and I apprecaite the rating you gave me on my short story.

Have a Great Future in whatever you do.