Friday, October 18, 2013

GUEST REVIEW: KEEPERS OF WATER (Guardians of Nature, #1) by R.G. Porter

Title: Keepers of Water
Series: Guardians of Nature, #1
Author: R.G. Porter
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date: March 8, 2012
Reviewed by: Ellen Fritz
Ellen’s rating: 4/5


A promise to save her brother's soul unearths a conspiracy she was not prepared for... 

Arieana’s brother has been murdered by her own people in a world not their own. Forced into breaking ancient law, she ventures into the human realm in search of her brother's soul. Once she steps through the Veil, she realizes the renegades are up to more than just punishing a few humans. They want to destroy the race itself. 

Forced to forge an unlikely alliance with the very race responsible for the storms tearing her world apart, she finds out more of her past than the elders want. With the war started, each clue they uncover leads them closer to the first of the elemental relics, and a chance to save mankind. 

Together they must work side by side to stop the renegades…

Before time runs out for both worlds.


I found Keepers of Water to be a comfortably paced, exciting and yet very relaxing read. Sorien, an archeologist, has to continue the work of his dead colleague and find out how he died. Arieana needs to retrieve her murdered brother's soul to put it to rest in their own realm. Realizing that their quests are deeply related, these two people decide to join forces.

This enthralling tale is set in the desert of Chile as well as the world of Baile where magic still prevails. Horrible, unnatural storms are destroying this magical world and there are those who want to stop it. The human race with their pollution and industry seems to be responsible for the imbalance and the renegades' answer for this is to destroy all human life.

The characters are skillfully crafted, realistic and fleshed out.  From Arieana with her destructive temper and Brooke, the happy and very special child, to the scholarly Sorien; they grew on me from the beginning. Then there are Ethne and Eythnia, the helpful if slightly vague and cryptic elementals and Aeryn, Arieana's best friend, who tries her best to help from the Baile side of the veil.

This is a lovely combination of fantasy, archeology, awareness of what industry is doing to the earth and people who truly care about their loved ones as well as the world around them. Some truly beautiful descriptions of nature give color to the story. 

Suitable for readers of all ages, I recommend Keepers of water as a tale full of interesting archeological facts, magic and some thoroughly nail-biting suspense.


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