Tuesday, September 25, 2012

REVIEW: "WINDY CITY OF THE DEAD" (Dark Bites, Part 1) - by Robert Ropars

(Dark Bites, Part 1)
by Robert Ropars

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow


Crow needs to get out of Chicago fast with just her wits and any weapons she can find. But between her and escape are hordes of brain-chomping zombies spreading their plague across the city and through her condo building. 52 floors to go...


After reading “848” (Dark Bites, Part 4) and being very impressed by the author’s writing and storytelling skills, I was eager to read “Windy City of the Dead”, and also because I’m a big fan of zombie- and post-apocalyptic books.

This short story isn’t so much a post-apocalyptic novella, but is mainly centred on the zombie-theme, which of course, I enjoyed immensely. If you’re looking for a story with depth and characters you can relate to, then give this one a miss. What I liked most about “848” was that I felt sorry for the main character, but in this story I felt absolutely nothing for the chain-smoking protagonist. I didn’t like or dislike her, but at least she was fearless and I admired her courage.

Of course my favorite parts of the plot were the zombie-bashing, but the bit in the story that freaked me out the most, amongst others – and which had me glued to the pages – was the little undead girl terrorizing the main character who is trying to make her escape from the 52nd floor of her apartment building with the lights constantly going out.

If blood, guts, splattering brains, mechanical clown toys, and a katana-wielding woman don’t give you the heeby jeebies, then go ahead and spend a worthwhile fifteen minutes of your time reading this suspenseful, gore-drenched novella. I especially recommend it for readers who are new to this genre.


“Windy City of the Dead” by Robert Ropars has 3 reviews on GoodReads. Read it here.


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