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REVIEW: "THE FORSAKEN" - by Estevan Vega

by Estevan Vega

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow



The first victim has no natural wounds. No prints left behind. No lacerations. But the life has been gruesomely drained from the corpse, and a broken cross is now imprinted inside the skin.

Left for dead a year ago by his former partner, reckless and medicated Detective Jude Foster now endures mindless therapy sessions in order to be given another chance at his life.When the chief of police discovers the first victim strangely killed in this sadistic fashion, Jude enters a dark world all-too-familiar. He knows he’s seen this method of murder before, but he never caught the killer.

Could this be a copycat, or is it the one that got away?

Forced to take on a new partner for the case, Jude must come to terms with the fractured memories of his past, attempt to keep his younger brother safe, and chase down a ghost killer who is collecting human souls. But time is against him. How many more victims will there be before the killer is satisfied? And will Jude Foster be able to survive this new hell or in the chaos, will he risk becoming something else entirely?


I have no clue where to start with this review, so I’ll jump right in and start by saying that this book really wasn’t what I thought it would be. I knew from a friend who recommended it to me, that it is a really dark read, but it was a lot darker than I anticipated - so much so that it bordered on becoming a depressing, emotionally draining read.

I’m giving it a four star rating however for the mere fact that it is an exceptionally well-written dark and disturbing read. At times it gripped me, but after a few chapters I would lose interest, only to be drawn into the story again nearer the end. It took me a little more than a week and a half to finish the story, since this isn’t something you’ll want to read in one sitting. The characters are well-developed and very realistic, but I still had a hard time connecting to any of them. The plot moved at an excruciatingly slow pace as the devil really was in the details.

Overall, this might be a worthwhile read to some, and I genuinely cannot fault the author on anything being “wrong” with this book. It just turned out to be a novel that wasn’t much to my taste.    



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