Friday, January 6, 2012

QUICK REVIEW: "Sleep Stalkers" - by Jacki O' Dierno

by Jacki O’ Dierno

REVIEWED BY: Ellen Fritz

Dee works alone and has ever since her father was killed. She is one of the strongest of her kind, set apart from the rest by a secret that haunts her every waking moment. Yet, her solitary existence is suddenly shattered when a dark force gathers in the streets of Cleveland. She unexpectedly finds herself paired with two others of her kind, each struggling with the paths set before them. Dave, a father who has lost his child, and Luke, the one person who may be able to save her soul. Together they help her delve into the very core of evil that plagues the country and, through bloodshed and heart break, realize just how far they’ll have to go to save that which they love the most.


This is a paranormal story which is so believable that one can imagine the things which happen in the book, to happen in real life. In “Sleep Stalkers” all it took was an American president who discouraged faith in a higher power, to cause negativity and despair in the country; and bringing with it the ‘sleep stalkers’. These demons possess people at night, turning them into ruthless killers. Only those called minions - people with a certain measure of psychic ability - are immune to possession, and it is up to them to fight against the demons and ultimately prevent the end of the world from happening. Drawn to Cleveland Ohio by visions, the three main characters cleverly bring together the minions to take a stand against the demons.

“Sleep Stalkers” is full of action, suspense and spine chilling horror. The characters are very realistic; each with his/her own sad back story and their very own personal demons. Because they are the only thing that stand between the world as we know it and its final destruction, they must be prepared to sacrifice everything to achieve their goal – so keep those Kleenex handy, as you are bound to shed some tears. But amidst the action and horror, there is also ample opportunity for a smile at the verbal sparring amongst the minions. 

By the time I reached the final three chapters, nothing could budge me from my chair.
Anybody who likes a story full of action, tasteful romance and a healthy dose of depth and spirituality will love this book! 

ELLEN’S star rating:  4/5


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Jessica Blitz said...

#sleepstalkers #zombie #cannibal #bathsalts Did you hear about what's happening in Miami Beach and around the country?! It's exactly like it is in Sleep Stalkers. The chick predicted this!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm freaking out