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Title: Stirring the Pot
Author: Jenny McCarthy
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Publication Date: May 6, 2014
Genre: Humor
Reviewed by: Angie Edwards
My rating: 5/5


The View host and New York Times bestselling author Jenny McCarthy is like your favorite friend: honest, open, and oh-so-funny. She also speaks her mind and says what the rest of us are thinking, a characteristic that has won her millions of fans no matter how much she “stirs the pot.” Combining the secrets of her hard-won wisdom, witty observations, revealing notes to herself (including ridiculously wishful wish lists), and tales of both her best and most embarrassing moments, Stirring the Pot is McCarthy’s recipe for getting what you want out of life. From her wacky experiences in show business to her screwball forays into healing “therapies,” from her frontline reporting of single motherhood in midlife to a goofy attempt to reclaim her last name from Joe McCarthy, here are outrageous musings from the roller coaster life of everyone’s favorite professional blonde.
With a winning mix of storytelling, sisterly advice, sex appeal, and self-deprecation, Stirring the Pot shows us how a pinch of conviction (aka hardheadedness), a dollop of flexibility (being okay with Plan B or even C), and endless faith (in yourself, in your wildest fantasies, and in the general goodness of others) can mix to create the life of your dreams.


I don’t know what made me pick up this book by Jenny McCarthy. Her name is familiar to me and I’ve seen her on a couple of episodes of Two and a Half Men, but other than that I don’t know anything else about her except what I can find on Google. So again, what made me decide to read this particular book? I think it was the humor hook in the book summary that was finally the deciding factor. As much as I’m a sucker for a good horror novel, I’m just as easily won over by anything that promises a few good laughs.

Well, I certainly had my share of hearty laughs while reading Stirring the Pot, but surprisingly I also felt very inspired after reading this. While addressing serious issues such as single parenting, intoxication meets social media (which definitely goes hand-in-hand for some), when to take the high road, trying anything once, and other such topics, there is always a lot of truth underneath her humor. I found that though I don’t know anything about her, she seems to be someone who knows and understands herself very well, and she shares her experiences without apology in an open and brutally honest way with the reader.

Some of what you can expect in this book:

 - Girls Night In
 - Five Things You Don’t Want to Hear at a Class Reunion
 - If My Bed Could Talk...
 - Ten Signs You’re Spending Too Much Time with Your Toddler
 - Ten Signs the Guy You’re Dating Might Be Gay
 - Date Night Etiquette
 - Reverse Psychology

And much, much more (including a few mouthwatering soup recipes)!

There’s even an advice piece for men going through “manopause”. That was one of my particular favorites because it made me laugh so hard!

What also made it so easy for me to connect with this book is how much it resembled my own life in certain ways. I was struck by how un-celebrity-like Jenny came across. To me she seemed liked just a mom, just a woman, and in some ways also just a girl. She does all this with an incredible sense of humor and a deep understanding of what it is like to have to deal with everyday things I myself have to deal with, such as the demands of a household and being a mother, going to the grocery store, sorting the mail and paying bills, the amount of time spent at work and in the car going to and from work, and trying to fit in a little “free” time after a day that started at 5:00 AM and ends anytime after 11:00 PM. She gives sound advice on self-improvement, relationships, dating, and friendship, and her personal experiences carry weight because they are incidents that are relatable.

Overall, I took a lot more away from this book than just a few good laughs. It was easy to read, fun, made me consider some things, and taught me one or two new ways on how to reach my goals. Stirring the Pot is positively brimming with energy and will make a great conversation piece when women get together for a girls night in!

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Jennifer McCarthy is an American model, comedian, actress and author. She first appeared in Playboy magazine in October 1993 and was named Playmate of the Year in its June 1994 issue. She later began a career in television and film and has recently started writing books dealing largely with her pregnancy and motherhood of a child with autism.

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