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Title: Minders
Author: Michele Jaffe
Publisher: Razorbill
Publication Date: January 30, 2014
Genres: YA, Sci-fi, Thriller
Reviewed by: Ellen Fritz
Ellen’s rating: 5/5


A high concept, cinematic read with a surprising twist, MINDERS asks the question: who is really watching whom?

Q: If the boy you love commits a crime, would you turn him in?

Sadie Ames is a type-A teenager from the wealthy suburbs. She's been accepted to the prestigious Mind Corps Fellowship program, where she'll spend six weeks as an observer inside the head of Ford, a troubled boy with a passion for the crumbling architecture of the inner city. There's just one problem: Sadie's fallen in love with him.

Q: What if the crime is murder?

Ford Winters is haunted by the murder of his older brother, James. As Sadie falls deeper into his world, dazzled by the shimmering pinpricks of color that form images in his mind, she begins to think she knows him. Then Ford does something unthinkable.

Q: What if you saw it happen from inside his mind?

Back in her own body, Sadie is faced with the ultimate dilemma. With Ford's life in her hands, she must decide what is right and what is wrong. And how well she can really ever know someone, even someone she loves.


Set in the near future, Minders captivated me in a way few books do. Sadie Ames, a gifted, highly intelligent teenager, has to spend six weeks as an observer in Ford Winter's mind. Although she prides herself on being cold and analytical, can she remain objective?

Completely engaging and moving forward all the time, this book is a true page-turner. As it starts with Sadie being interviewed, it immediately gives the reader a good insight into Sadie's personality. She clearly wants to do well but she is determined to remain the perfect objective observer and ultimately succeed in the mind corps program.

Ford Winter, still trying to deal with his brother's murder, is a troubled young man with a whole lot of anger inside him. Sadie needs to decide whether he is too troubled or whether he is, deep down, a good, caring, and above all, innocent person.

The way in which the author portrays the human mind as well as the subconscious, is simply incredible and brilliantly imaginative. She masterfully blends Sadie's perceptions with Ford's thoughts and actions while keeping it simple to understand for the reader.

Most of the time I felt like I was right there in Ford's mind with Sadie. This made for some nail-biting moments, instances of deep sadness, and several laugh out loud opportunities.

Although Sadie is not supposed to get involved, she finds herself drawn into Ford's life within the first week; a mistake that almost costs her her place in the program. In the end Sadie must make decisions which no teenager should have to make.

For a read that will take your emotions on a fascinating, often suspenseful, and sometimes very sad ride inside Ford Winter's mind, I recommend Minders as an absolute must read.



Michele Jaffe (b. March 20 in Los Angeles, California), is an American writer. She has authored novels in several genres, including historical romance, suspense thrillers, and novels for Young Adults.

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