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GUEST REVIEW: UNSEELIE TIES (Hayle Coven, #14) by Patti Larsen

Title: Unseelie Ties
Series: Hayle Coven, #14
Author: Patti Larsen
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date: February 24, 2013
Genres: YA, Paranormal
Reviewed by: Ellen Fritz
Source: Received from author for review
Ellen’s rating: 5/5


Second year of witch college has been a little boring for Syd so far. She suddenly wishes she could go back to her boredom when the Unseelie Lord Venemeth appears, a guest lecturer at Harvard. Despite all her warnings to her mother and the board of governors about him, Venner is given free rein. But what his handlers don’t understand is he’s not working alone—and his partner has her own plans for the Sidhe realm that have nothing to do with him going home...


Yet again a Hayle Coven novel - Unseelie Ties this time – that kept me reading long into the night. Syd's boredom with her second-year classes is transformed into another life threatening adventure when the Unseelie Lord Venemeth, Liam's mother, Sonja O'Dane and Syd's old nemesis, Ms. Spaft, surface and once more upset the peace of Syd and her friends. With Liam gravely ill, several souls in peril and, most likely, an even bigger nemesis behind it all, Syd must venture into another realm in order to save her loved ones.

It is so refreshing to find a brand new adventure in a so far unexplored world in every new Hayle Coven novel. While the author keeps the key characters in place, she constantly introduces new characters to broaden the Hayle universe. The regular characters however, undergo notable growth as the series progresses.

From a girl who wanted nothing to do with magic at the age of fifteen, Syd has grown into a young woman who embraces her power and uses it for good. Unfortunately, with powerful vampire, demon and sidhe souls co-habiting with her own, she is the target of power hungry individuals like Ameline and numerous others. Add to this that she qualifies as one of the magi and that Ameline Benoit, for one, is determined to become magi, Syd has much to protect. Unfortunately her friends and family often get caught in the cross fire.

Apart from these constant threats and dangerous situations, Syd still has a coven to lead and the issue of coven second to resolve. Despite all this seriousness, life threatening situations, imminent sidhe battles and romantic issues there is still much to laugh about. Syd's inner dialogue and quirky personality kept me smiling and the lively, witty dialogue in this book often had me laughing out loud.

I would advise that readers get the previous books in the Hayle Coven series before reading Unseelie Ties. I happily give this page-turner five stars and declare it an absolute must-read.



My official bio reads like this: Patti Larsen is an award-winning middle grade and young adult author with a passion for the paranormal. But that sounds so freaking formal, doesn't it? I'm a storyteller who hears teenager's voices so loud I have to write them down. I love sports even though they don't love me. I've dabbled in everything from improv theater to film making and writing TV shows, singing in an all girl band to running my own hair salon.
But always, always, writing books calls me home.
I've had my sights set on world literary domination for a while now. Which means getting my books out there, to you, my darling readers. It's the coolest thing ever, this job of mine, being able to tell stories I love, only to see them all shiny and happy in your hands... thank you for reading.
As for the rest of it, I'm short (permanent), slightly round (changeable) and blonde (for ever and ever). I love to talk one on one about the deepest topics and can't seem to stop seeing the big picture. I happily live on Prince Edward Island, Canada, home to Anne of Green Gables and the most beautiful red beaches in the world, with my very patient husband and four massive cats.


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