Thursday, July 25, 2013

REVIEW: SCOUT'S HONOUR (The Covert Academy, #1.5) by Peter Laurent

Title: Scout’s Honour
Series: The Covert Academy, #1.5
Author: Peter Laurent
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date: July 10, 2013
Genres: Sci-fi, Action, Adventure
Reviewed by: Ellen Fritz
Source: Received from author for review
Ellen’s smiley rating: 5/5


A novella continuing the story of The Covert Academy.
Jayson Georgiou is a playboy pilot with little ambition beyond his own pleasure, safe within the shelter of the Academy and its students.
After Sarah and Joshua’s daring adventure into the heart of the Colonnade, Jayson and his assigned crew are ordered on a suspicious supply-run mission, deep into a Confederate drone production city. There Jayson uncovers a new threat to the Academy, challenging his allegiance.
Yet Jayson has a mysterious past driving him to chase after his illusion of security, desperate to hold on to it, until it is too late to turn back...


Imagine earth ruined by industry; thriving cities now dedicated to the development of arms and military equipment and very few places of beauty remaining.  In a futuristic world ruled by one power, The Confederacy, Jayson Georgiou is only interested in women and flying. On a supply run for The Academy, to a drone infested Hong Kong, he discovers a vital secret. A secret that links him to his homeland, Greece, and puts his loyalties in question. 

I read this thrilling, fast-moving novella in one go and spent most of the time on the edge of my chair. I suggest that anybody who wants to read Scout's Honour, should read The Covert Academy first. The story ties in brilliantly with The Covert Academy and continues the story a touch further. The death, destruction, and betrayals in this novella emphasize the ruthlessness of war and despotic power. The use of highly advanced weapons, special combat and antigravity suits, force fields, and drones that can do amazing things on their own, will appeal to any reader who likes futuristic technology.

The author has a fantastic gift for creating a sense of crisis at the appropriate moment. A few humorous conversations and incidents make the story so much more realistic and the characters more human. The main character, Jayson, is remarkably well-crafted. At first he appears to be a shallow playboy but, when his co-workers are killed, he shows an extraordinary depth. When a meeting with an old acquaintance and a yearning for his homeland makes him ambivalent about his loyalties, it endangers himself and many others. It doesn't pay to be indecisive in times of war.

For a read that will give even an adrenaline junky a few heart-stopping moments, I highly recommend Scouts Honour, and happily give it five stars. Let's hope to see the next book in the series soon!



Author Peter Laurent was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. He studied 3D animation in Auckland, then worked full-time in Mount Maunganui. Peter then formed his own company, Indiana Games Limited, and has been freelancing art and animation back in Auckland ever since. “The Covert Academy” is his first novel, borne of a passion for creative storytelling.

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