Sunday, November 25, 2012

REVIEW: "THE MIND MAN" - by P.D. Richmond

by P.D. Richmond

REVIEWED BY: Ellen Fritz


A terrifically original thriller - with style similar to Stephen King and pace like Matthew Reilly.

A book to make psychics and mystics jump with glee and skeptics to think again.

Do your thoughts stay your thoughts or do they affect other people? 
What if they do and what if those people end up dead? 
Could your mind be used as a lethal weapon? 
What if it can...? 

Sergeant Teddy Farrell is a reluctant cop in the Sacramento Police Department. He mistakenly risks everything, including his long-term marriage to his college sweetheart, to uncover a fiendish world of unprecedented greed and thwarted love. What he inadvertently discovers is a town full of secrets and an obsession with a fluffy rabbit. 

A spine-tingling, emotional rollercoaster with a sumptuous dusting of romantic intrigue.


“The Mind Man” is such an extremely suspense-laden and highly thrilling read, that I simply could not put it down.  The tale starts in a small town in Australia with a boy whose best friends are his rabbits.  Then it sweeps the reader along on an exciting journey to Sacramento, London, the Cook Islands, Sidney, and a yacht near Acapulco, to literally come crashing to a grand finale in Paris. 

Sergeant Teddy Farrell knows he is on to something utterly extraordinary when a car and two airplanes crash for no good reason and he is willing to do whatever it takes to stop the senseless deaths.  When a journalist reports that these accidents might be caused by some evil, greedy businessman with possible telepathic abilities, it attracts the unwelcome attention of parapsychological scientists and political rebels.

The serious and, at times, almost dark tone of the book creates the perfect mood for the events described.  The thoroughly flawed characters are extremely realistic.  Greed, ambition, selfishness, and even love, are the driving forces behind the characters, thus making them into far more than just players in a story book drama.  Even the ethical police sergeant has a disgusting lapse of morals when the opportunity arises.  The big question remains; can a person who loves rabbits and is a wildlife philanthropist also be a ruthless, murderous businessman?

As most of the chapters end with a cliff-hanger, “The Mind Man” is an absolute page turner.  The aforementioned cliff-hanger tactic also applies to the end of the book.  For a completely gripping and unforgettable reading experience I recommend “The Mind Man” as an absolute must-read deserving of far more than the 5 stars I can give it.  I sincerely hope that we will very soon see another book to continue the story of Adam, Caren, Teddy, and their many accomplices and enemies. 


“The Mind Man” by P.D. Richmond has 9 reviews on Goodreads. Read it here.


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