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REVIEW: "Project ELE" (ELE Series, Book 1) - by Rebecca Gober & Courtney Nuckels

(ELE Series, book 1)
by Rebecca Gober & Courtney Nuckels

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow


Millions have already died, and thousands more are perishing daily. As a last ditch effort to preserve the human race, the government implements Project ELE. With the earth heating at rapid speeds, all remaining survivors are forced to turn to F.E.M.A. shelters to wait out ELE's wrath. 

Fifteen-year-old Willow Mosby's life, as she knows it, ends the moment she walks through the shelter's door. Willow has to quickly adapt to the new challenges that shelter life demands, the least of which includes making new friends and working a full time job.

Soon after making an interesting discovery, Willow and her friends start exhibiting strange abilities. Seeking answers, they embark on a mission to find out what these new abilities mean and whether they are a gift or a curse. 

This new adventure can send her world crashing down around her. The question is: Can Willow survive the fall?

From the authors of Night Marchers comes a new apocalyptic series with a paranormal twist.


Twenty-six pages into this book I was already crying my heart out. Thanks to the authors’ remarkable writing, I got attached to Willow and her family in a span of only a few pages. You’re probably wondering why I cried while reading the second chapter of this book, right? Well, all I can tell you is that no parent should be expected to make such a choice as the one Willow’s parents had to make.

I’m still new to post-apocalyptic novels, but this book smacked my reader curiosity spot on. “Project ELE” fits perfectly into the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it category, and the plot intrigued me from the start. Reading about our world in a time where the sun is burning the earth to a crisp through the holes in the ozone layer, isn’t too far from the truth, and it forces you to consider the horrific possibility of trying to survive in such a devastating climate. The authors took this scenario and put a few interesting twists on it, creating the F.E.M.A shelter in a dying world, but with a plethora of new possibilities within the safety of the shelter where Willow and her friends attempt to adjust to a new way of life as well as their newfound powers.

The shelter Willow and her friends had to move to in order to survive, really captured my imagination. Living inside a mountain for months on end, with only a few of the amenities found in today’s world, secret underground locations discovered by her and her posse, and their developing paranormal abilities, kept my interest throughout the book. A bunch of twists leading up to a shocking, cliffhanger ending, has me excited to read the next book in this series.

“Project ELE” is an intensely unique and enjoyable read. It captures the imagination and invites the reader to explore a post-apocalyptic setting with a multitude of secrets, discoveries and a good dose of betrayal. Think scientific experiments, mostly likeable but also some creepy characters, paranormal abilities, hidden passageways and caverns deep inside a mountain; and then throw into the mix a fat helping of action, suspense, and romance, and you’re onto a winner. A must-read for paranormal romance fans of all ages!     


“Project ELE” by Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels has 32 reviews on GoodReads. Read it here.



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