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REVIEW: "COFFIN GIRLS" (Elegantly Undead) - by Aneesa Price

COFFIN GIRLS (Elegantly Undead)”
(Coffin Girls Series, Book 1)
by Aneesa Price

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow


A sexy, female vampire with secrets. A sinfully-handsome witch prince on a mission. A formidable Vampire Council with something to hide. 

A vampire descendent from the original Coffin Girls, Anais runs a successful event and wedding planning business from her majestic New Orleans plantation house. To the Vampire Council, she is seen as an exemplary hostess and household head of a misfit bunch of vampires. 
When Yves, her maker and head of the Vampire Council requests her assistance in hosting the mysterious, yet dashing Prince of Witches, Conall, she has no option but to accept. But Anais is the keeper of secrets; secrets that can kill. Protective of her family’s undiscovered uniqueness, Anais is guarded, yet intrigued by the enigmatic witch prince.
Conall and Anais are drawn together when confronted with fatal encounters and an unimaginable destiny… if she’s willing to accept it and fight.


What I enjoyed most about this book is that it had so many different elements to it. Vampires, witches, werewolves, ghosts, necromancers, fairies, and a whole host of magickal creatures, are all combined to create a story which takes the reader on an unforgettable journey into the world of the coffin girls.

The author impressed me with her splendid writing and the finer details she added to fluff out the characters and thus drawing the reader deeper into the story. The plot progresses at a leisurely pace and new and interesting characters are continually introduced throughout the book. As an avid reader of Nora Roberts’s novels, the similarities in the main characters’ event co-ordination business to the one in Nora’s “Bridal Quartet” series are in abundance. The author takes her time describing the characters’ surroundings so as to give the reader a clear visual of the settings in which the story takes place. A balance is maintained between the good and bad characters and although there isn’t much in the way of plot twists, it kept my interest up until the last page. 

“Coffin Girls” is essentially a love story for more mature readers, but the paranormal elements make it an enjoyable and worthwhile read - in particular for fans of the paranormal romance genre. Due to the high amount of profanity, and the explicit content found in this book, it is not suitable for readers below the age of eighteen.


“Coffin Girls” by Aneesa Price has 6 reviews on GoodReads. Read it here.


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