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REVIEW: "DAWN OF THE HUNTER" (Midnight Hunter Trilogy, book 2) - by Bonnie Bernard

(Midnight Hunter Trilogy, book 2)
by Bonnie Bernard

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow


Donna is on the wrong end of a high-power assault rifle, with a 4000 year old demon’s trigger finger on the other. He’s promised to blow her brains out if she gets any closer. 

She takes a step…toward the monster.

Until that day, Donna was enjoying her new life. Married to the man of her dreams, raising the child they had together, spending time with her best friend…what more could a girl want?

How about a chance to save the world?

The opportunity arrives when a strange, beautiful woman befriends Donna and then kidnaps her baby. To get her little girl back, Donna must do what’s humanly impossible...and maybe inhumanely impossible, too. 

With the help of a fallen Underworld goddess, a vengeful demon, and her own new-found strength, Donna must rescue her baby and the world.


I loved the first book in this series! I loved the author’s wit and quirky writing, loved the characters and especially loved Mo. Naturally, I was looking forward to reading book two and I wasn’t disappointed.

Meeting up with now familiar characters from the first book in this series, was a blast! In “Dawn of the Hunter” the reader also gets to meet bad-ass demon Howie Evil – a last name which suits him perfectly. Howie is mean, favors guns to humans, has an appetite for human souls, is touchy about his ride, and his favorite demon is…well…Howie. Like it or not, Howie grows on you and soon he was one of my absolute favorite characters. I especially enjoyed his and Mo’s sarcastic, confrontational interactions.

Donna once again proved to be a strong, take-charge character who kicks demon butt and who is a pillar of strength for her family. I absolutely adored Mo’s character in the first book because of her spunk and cynicism, and in this book she manages to take it up a notch, especially with Howie now in the picture. Cassie is another new character the reader will either love or hate. She hiccups when in distress, and is the proud owner of Thrasher – the meanest cat this side of hell.  

I enjoyed the story, the plot twists, the action, the in-your-face humor, and getting to be part of these characters’ lives again, I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series.


“Dawn of the Hunter” by Bonnie Bernard has 19 reviews on GoodReads. Read it here.



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