Thursday, July 5, 2012

QUICK REVIEW: "The Drinking Game" - by Chris Redding

by Chris Redding

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow


A redheaded bundle of trouble steps out of her Porsche and into a disillusioned detective's already complicated life. The cop wants to retire, but can't until he proves his dead partner didn't kill himself. The heroine, a psychological profiler, would like her fiancé laid to rest with police honors, but she can't until she provides evidence he wasn't a killer. Since they both want to help the same person, the two reluctantly join forces. Will they catch the murderer before the heroine becomes the next victim?


This being the second book I’ve read by Chris Redding, “The Drinking Game” was an enormously enjoyable read! It is as exhilarating and captivating as “Blonde Demolition”, the first of her books I’ve ever read.

I loved the complexity and sincerity of the characters. They are the complete opposites of each other and it wasn’t love at first sight. Throughout the story the two main characters - ruggedly handsome, tough-as-nails Detective Sean Gaudette, and FBI Special Agent Jennifer O’ Grady, a sizzling hot redhead with an attitude to match – are at each other’s throats and both fighting their inescapable attraction to one another. The sexual tension between them is so palpable it’ll have you wishing you could lock them in a room and shout at them to get on with it!

Although I’ve enjoyed the story immensely, there were times I got a little confused between the two villains, and after finishing the book, I still had a few questions that were left unanswered. I found the ending to be somewhat predictable, but the action and drama had me flipping through the pages, and constantly taking a breather just to slow my heart rate down.

The author has a certain magic with words and by making use of some magnificent wordplay that tickles the mind, engages the reader right from the start; begging for it not to be put down until the very last page. With a writing style similar to that of James Patterson, easy-to-relate-to characters, and a storyline flowing at a leisurely pace, this is an intriguing read that will take you to a place where the grey area is the fine line between right and wrong.

This was not my usual YA read, but a book I’m highly recommending for more mature readers, due to the explicit - but tastefully-written - adult content. A definite must-read!!