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QUICK REVIEW: "Demon Child" (Hayle Coven series, book 3) - by Patti Larsen

(The Hayle Coven novels, 
book 3)
by Patti Larsen

REVIEWED BY: Ellen Fritz


Syd has only ever wanted to be normal. And now that the rift between her and her demon is growing wider, that future is finally a real possibility. But Syd is having second thoughts, especially when a vampire kidnaps her little sister, Meira. And her normal life at school is falling apart around her, thanks to the new kid, Benjamin, who seems to be an expert at turning her new friends against her. Syd finally understands the value of what she has, but may be too late. The demon inside her has her own agenda and will no longer be ignored.


“Demon Child”, the third book in the Hayle Coven series, starts with a bang. From that point on I found myself glued to my chair for an uninterrupted read-through.  Sydlynn Hayle's grounding had just been lifted and she is free to enjoy some fun time with her circle of friends, when the new boy in school has to come and spoil it all by disrupting the ever fragile school politics.  

Between dealing with her demon and having her little sister kidnapped, Syd’s not having an easy few days.  Add to this a very puzzling rift in the vampire clan and the ever lurking Chosen, and the reader is in for a highly exciting, suspenseful, and often sad experience.  We also learn a little more about the demon boy cat, Sassafras in this story and let's not forget the crazy grandmother who contributes to the solving of the problem in her own unique way.  

Once again the extremely entertaining and heartfelt way in which Syd tells her story had me admiring the author for her skill.  Syd's inner dialogue and quirky thoughts made me smile at times when I thought the suspense was going to kill me.  All these brilliantly portrayed and yet realistically flawed characters came so alive that I felt as though they were old friends.

Patti Larsen's fluent writing style allows the reader to concentrate on the story rather than deciphering difficult prose.  Although this is a very suitable young adult novel, I would highly recommend this exciting, thrilling tale to readers of all ages.  I would advise however that readers get hold of the first two books in the series, Family Magic and Witch Hunt, before reading Demon Child.  I happily give Demon Child 5 stars and hope to see more excellent books from this author in the near future. 


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