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QUICK REVIEW: "Tangled Bloodlines" - by Deborah Noel

by Deborah Noel

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow


“Old-school vampires have re-surfaced, responsible for brutal murders and more blood than anyone can cope with.  Cianna Fitzgerald, a young but 'retired' crime scene investigator, finds herself back in a world she walked away from some years ago.

“She grew up in knowing she possesses superhuman power from her 'Irish pixie' bloodlines.  She had retired after a particularly tough case where the victim was her husband’s twin brother.  After her brief respite from murders and homicides, Cianna witnesses a killing where the murderer is a vampire.  Her daughter goes missing soon after the killing. Cianna and the love she had once pushed out of her life, her estranged husband Declan, travel halfway around the world to try to save their daughter.

“As the mystery unravels, she learns that although she is a half-breed, the other half isn’t 'Irish pixie' as she grew up believing – weaving her into a more tangled history and frightening future than she had bargained for.”


This is again one of those books which I just couldn’t put down. Every spare moment I had was spent reading this enjoyable book. While reading the first chapter of “Tangled Blood Lines”, I felt an excitement rush through me, in anticipation of an unforgettable read in which I can sit back and relax and let the author thrill me to no end with a story full of twists and turns.

Unfortunately, there were a few things I just couldn’t overlook. Thorough readers will soon pick up on the tangled timelines, grammar errors and incredible jumps in logic that leaves you slack-jawed and confused. Halfway through the book I couldn’t help but feel slightly cheated as it seemed to me that the author somewhere along the line decided to throw all caution to the wind and give little thought to what would make sense and what not.

Other than that, I enjoyed this book immensely and wouldn’t hesitate to give it two thumbs up. The characters were well defined and the vampires will scare the heck out of you. I enjoyed her take on old-school vampires and other paranormal entities in this book. There’s absolutely nothing to love about these vamps, which for me was a good change from most of the vampire reads available today. The story moves at a steady pace and will keep you entertained for hours; and the nail-biting suspense will have you think twice before turning off the lights at bedtime.

Deborah Noel has a very unique style of writing which I enjoyed a lot, and a knack for writing solid dialogue. The author doesn’t shy away from descriptive violence and does a great job at making the reader feel as repulsed at the bloodbaths as the main characters do.

“Tangled Blood Lines” is an addictive read, but is in need of more editing. The author knows how to engage the reader and I am definitely looking forward to reading more of her books. However, due to the disappointing ending, the many questions left unanswered and a few of the other points I mentioned earlier which just can’t be overlooked, I am necessitated to recommend this book with only 3 stars. It’s still a worthwhile read though!



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