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Title: The Romeo Club
Author: Rebekah L. Purdy
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Publication Date: March 25, 2014
Genres: YA, Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by: Angie Edwards
Source: Review copy received for blog tour
My rating: 4/5


What happens when you agree to help your brother “de-nerdify” so he can catch the attention of the popular Chloe Anders, and to everyone's surprise, he actually lands her? 

And what if his equally geeky friends come running with girl wish lists of their own, offering money for your services? 

Well, if you’re sixteen-year-old, Delyla Denson, then you start The Romeo Club. A secret club where she’ll teach these guys how talk, act, and be cool around girls. It’s a win-win situation. 

She’ll get enough money for the awesome prom dress she’s had her eye on, and the guys, well, they’ll get dates and maybe learn how to do something other than beat the next level on their video games.

There are only two problems with this plan. One, her quarterback/track star boyfriend is getting jealous of how much time she’s spending away from him and decides to try and figure out what’s going on. And two, Delyla is kind of falling for her brother’s BFF, Trey who she’s been hanging out with a lot more. And who thanks to her help, has caught the attention of the beautiful, perfect, and popular, Portia Rickard. With Portia and Trey heating up, Delyla realizes that maybe the person she’s meant to be with has been in front of her all this time. 

But falling for Trey means she’ll have to take drastic measures including sabotage, with a capital S.


This book has been on my 2014 book wishlist since the beginning of the year, so imagine my excitement when an opportunity came my way to read and review it! Yep, I was super excited. Going into it I knew that this was going to be a romantic comedy, so I was fully prepared for an astounding amount of candyfloss light and fluffy romance. Still, The Romeo Club managed to surprise me with the number of times I laughed out loud while reading it, and the fact that there was one scene that actually had me sobbing. It was the scene where Delyla offered to take care of the neighbors’ troublemaking dog for a week. You’ll have to read it to know why I cried during that part. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone. But just so you know, Jimbo (the dog) was an absolute treat and I loved how the author brought him into the story for comedic relief.

Like I said earlier on, this was a fast and fluffy read. The only thing that gave away that it was written by a self-publishing author is the handful of grammar errors. Nothing serious, but it was there.  The characters were all terrific and I appreciated the fact that the author didn’t stereotype Delyla’s ex boyfriend and Trey’s girlfriend. Those two characters could’ve easily been the typical popular high school kid antagonists, but they weren’t. It was so refreshing. The Nerd Herd is the stereotypical nerds you find in your everyday YA rom coms, but it didn’t matter to me because they were absolutely adorable! Especially CC who had me in hysterics with his antics.

The romance is what you expect: sweet, butterflies, sunshiny, and predictable. Again, it didn’t bother me at all because I was distracted and entertained to the max by Delyla and Kenadi’s actions to sabotage Trey’s relationship (the scene with the seagulls was classic!).  Of course it’s easy to figure out what will happen with whom right at the end, but I didn’t feel let down by the outcome. I rooted for Delyla because she is such an amazing character, so I was happy for her when things turned out the way it did at the conclusion.

I recommend The Romeo Club to anyone looking for a few hearty laughs and a feel-good romance. Fans of YA books by Meg Cabot and Eileen Cook might very likely enjoy this offering from Rebekah L. Purdy. I know I did!



I was born and raised in Michigan (just look for the giant mitten on the map—it’ll likely throw a snowball at you). I spent most of my time in Michigan, but while in the army got to call KS, SC, MO, and CA home for awhile as well.

As a kid my family moved around a lot. Try spending both your freshman and senior years at new schools (yeah, loads of fun). I could’ve changed my name to “new girl”. 

I love writing for teens because those are the years I remember falling in love with most of my favorite books. Some of the authors I couldn’t put down were L.J. Smith, Christopher Pike, R.L. Stine, Richie Tankersley Cusick, Joan Lowery Nixon, Lois Duncan, amongst several others.

My husband and I have a large family. There are six kids total! So we have LOTS of fun on vacations (although hours on the road, cooped up in the Expedition is kind of stressful—although we pass the time with MAD LIBS and hoping no one gets carsick).

In my spare time I like to write (obviously), read, sing, hang out with my kids, play with my animals, camp, play soccer, check my email (hehehe), watch football (go LIONS). I also love hanging out with my sister and hubby!

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