Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Title: The Mortality of Nathan Quinn
Author: W.J. McCabe
Publisher: Etopia Press
Publication Date: June 7, 2013
Reviewed by: Ellen Fritz
Source: Received from publisher for review
Ellen’s rating: 5/5


Can an act of self-destruction be the key to redemption?

Nathan Quinn despises nearly all of humanity, but he hates one person even more—himself. On the verge of taking his own life, Nathan is introduced to a mysterious figure, a Mortality Dealer, who congratulates Nathan on his impending suicide. What’s more, he seeks to recruit Nathan as a purveyor of death. Nathan’s choice is simple: he can either accept the MD’s offer and learn if he has what it takes to deal out mortality, or he can take a chance on what may—or may not—await him after death…


How refreshing to read a story with a thoroughly flawed main character! Nathan Quinn is a selfish, self-pitying individual who dislikes most people, and most of all himself. Although he deludes himself into believing that he isn’t harming anybody by committing suicide, deep down he knows differently. What a surprise then when, in his role as a mortality dealer, his job is:

"…to bring order to dying by confirming a human is slated for death and standing as an official witness to its culmination."

Said humans, unfortunately, turn out to be people that he had known and who had played significant roles in his life. One death however, he refuses to announce or witness.

This little book is short, captivating and compactly written with never a dull moment and a great deal to think about long after you have finished reading it. In fact, The Mortality of Nathan Quinn is one of those books that I can see myself reading at least once a year. In the professionally written prose of this book is hidden a wealth of carefully crafted wit that made me smile despite the dark nature of the story. Best of all however, is the wisdom and life lessons contained within this novella. The author manages to relay his message in a highly appealing and not at all preachy manner.

I highly recommend The Mortality of Nathan Quinn as an absolute must-read. Believe me, this is a keeper to be read over and over and handed down to the next generation! A well deserved five stars to this brilliant book and an author who knows how to use the English language to its utmost advantage.


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Catherine Cavendish said...

I read and loved this book too. Can't recommend it highly enough!