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REVIEW: "FULL CIRCLE" (Hayle Coven, #8) - by Patti Larsen

Title: “Full Circle
Series: (Hayle Coven, #8)
Author: Patti Larsen
Published by: Patti Larsen Books
Publication Date: August 8, 2012
Genre: YA, Paranormal
Reviewed by: Ellen Fritz
Source: Received from author for review
Ellen’s star rating: 5/5


The Enforcers Cometh

The moment my hand touched the handle, I felt Quaid enter the back yard, just like always. But if it wasn’t him on the other side of the kitchen door, who was? I pulled it open on reflex, still smiling, to find three black robed Enforcers looming in the darkness.

They didn’t wait for me to stand aside but muscled their way in. The leader, a woman with familiar features if not a face I knew personally, took a stand in the middle of the kitchen, body shimmering with blue power as the wards of the house tried to repel her.

“We’ve come for Miriam Hayle,” she said. “Your leader is under arrest.”

Syd’s life is finally settled. She’s even going on her first date with Quaid. That calm is shattered when a group of High Council Enforcers arrive and arrest her mother on countless charges. Desperate to defend Miriam, Syd calls on all of her family’s allies, even seeking out those she should probably leave in peace. Certain the Dumonts are behind the whole thing, Syd is shocked to discover there is much more to this attack on her coven, an attack led by an old enemy who holds Miriam’s life in her hands.


Wow, this just keeps getting better! Again Patti Larsen succeeded in writing an utterly unique and completely captivating story about mostly the same characters in the same setting.  At last Syd is getting ready for her very first date with Quaid, when, in walk the enforcers to arrest her mother, Miriam Hayle for crimes committed against the High Council.  Before the trial and during breaks in the trial, Syd has to collect evidence and witnesses to prove her mother's innocence.   Guided by grandmother Ethpeal Hayle, she gathers vampires, demons and even the dead to testify.  John Grisham's thrilling court room dramas look somewhat mundane  compared to this suspenseful supernatural court case.  To complicate things, Syd has to step up as coven leader as well as find her mysteriously vanished best friend.  Fortunately Sassafras, the silver Persian cat, has his paw and his opinion ready to support and assist.

Once again in this book I could see how skillfully the author allows her characters and their relationships with one another to grow and develop.  Syd, the main character, has to deal with the kind of problems teenagers all over the world face on a day to day basis.  Relationship changes, changes in the home, and the devastating reality of a troubled friend who is on the brink of self-destruction are just some of the things she has to cope with while trying to focus on getting her mother through the trial alive and with her powers intact.

The book zooms into edge-of-your-chair action from the very start and does not slow down until the end. As is usually the case with the Hayle Coven novels, I simply could not put the book down as the incredible suspense held me spellbound.  The title of the book, Full Circle, is also indicative of the fact that several old enemies reappear to, once again, take their shots at the Hayle Coven and its leader.

I definitely recommend this book as an absolute must-read but make sure to get the first seven books in the series before you read this one. Thumbs up and a loud cheer along with five well deserved stars for Full Circle and a wonderful author!



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