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REVIEW: "GNOME WARS" (Adventures of the Fae Realm) - by Barbra Annino

(Adventures of the Fae Realm)
by Barbra Annino

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow


When Doug Baker moved into a new apartment, the last thing he expected to inherit was a gnome with a nasty temper claiming squatter's rights. Doug has tried everything to get rid of the gnome but the little bugger refuses to leave. Now it's war. And Doug is just about at the end of his rope until he meets Trina, a kooky chick who claims to have the answer to all his problems.

Have you hugged your gnome today?


Did you know a gnome is also known as a brownie? You did? Well, I didn’t! And neither did Doug, the main character in this delightfully charming little novella. And seeing as his life is being made a living hell by the gnome living in his apartment, he sure as heck doesn’t care that it’s also known as a brownie; he just wants it gone.

Admittedly, life can’t be easy living with a housemate who’s hiding your remote, moving your keys, peeing in your shoes, and doing oodles of really nasty things to make your habitat more like living in “the Bowels of Hell”, and even has you spending a night in the ER. Nope, the apartment just isn’t big enough for Doug and mischievous nineteen-inch tall Leroy. One of them has to go.

“Gnome Wars” is a marvellously hilarious and fun ten-minute read. It had me doubled over with laughter, and the ending left me grinning. This was a good introduction for me to Barbra Annino’s writing and I’ve enjoyed every second thereof. I’m excitedly looking forward to reading more of her books.

Five stars and a well deserved standing ovation!


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