Wednesday, September 12, 2012

REVIEW: "848" (DARK BITES) - by Robert Ropars

(Dark Bites)
by Robert Ropars

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow


Dark Bites is a horror short story collection focusing on the classic creatures we love to fear: zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and more. In 1979 the worst blizzard in history dumped 19" of snow on Chicago. Marie's flight is canceled and she decides to explore the city. As the storm buries the city, she finds pure evil and has to fight for her life. She doesn't stand a ghost of a chance.


If you’re not a horror fan, stay far far away from this book. It will give you chills and might keep you awake a few nights. I, on the other hand, am a big fan of the horror genre, so naturally I loved this 15-minute, quick read novella. Part of an anthology, “848” preyed on my worst fears and as horrifying as it was, I couldn’t stop reading. As someone who suffers from claustrophobia and a fear of falling elevators, what the main character had to endure was absolutely terrifying. The thought of lying helpless at the bottom of an elevator shaft in an abandoned building, is enough to give anyone nightmares. What really kept me rooting for this character was her will to survive and in the short space of only 28 pages, the author had me experiencing the same agonizing fear the main character did.

This ghost story is the perfect bedtime read, but I have to warn you again that if horror is not your thing, you will find this short story quite disturbing. For me, it was well worth the read and a terrifyingly thrilling fifteen minutes of my time.


“848” (Dark Bites) by Robert Ropars has 6 reviews on GoodReads. Read it here.


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