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QUICK REVIEW: "Saving Bobby" - by Crystal Cattabriga

by Crystal Cattabriga

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow


When Bobby's world came crashing down on his thirteenth birthday he knew his life would never be the same again. After losing most of his family before ever becoming a teenager. Bobby was determined not to lose the only person who had truly loved him and was always there for him; his mom. Struggling with the fear of losing his mother to cancer Bobby takes it upon himself running away in search for a way to save her. Along Bobby's journey, he meets Annie, a 'runaway.' Together, they embark on a road where they both find a friendship that will last forever and the true meaning of God. Will Bobby save his mother in time and will Annie go back to the life she had? Experience this journey with Bobby and Annie and feel the power of true determination, and what God can do if you just let him into your heart....


“Saving Bobby” is a lovely, heartwarming story about a young boy undertaking an extraordinary journey to save the life of the one person he loves most – his mother. Told with sheer honesty from the point of view of a thirteen year old boy whose life unexpectedly changes for the worse in a matter of minutes, we get to know Bobby as an ordinary and uncomplicated kid whose life revolves around that of his mother, and the lengths he would go to, to save her.

This book has surpassed all my expectations and delighted me with a fast-moving plot, and a storyline that begs the reader to believe in miracles, angels and a world where people still care about each other. The only downside I could find is that it needs some editing, but other than that, this is a story that will stay with the reader for a long long time.

I highly recommend this enchanting book for fans of Christian fiction and anybody in the mood for a tearjerker read.



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