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QUICK REVIEW: "Loving the Rain" - by Jeff LaFerney

by Jeff LaFerney

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow


Mind powers are to be kept unused and secret. At least that's what Clay Thomas believes until a determined rival from his past enters his life, seeking revenge. When Clay discovers that his athletic son has his own mind powers, they set out together to undo consequences from Clay's past and to put an end to Jack Harding's plans. As his enemy closes in and Clay and Tanner's powers grow, Clay is forced to choose between protecting his secrets and protecting those he loves most. Loving the Rain is a suspenseful story about an exceptional man forced to face the choices of his past and the extraordinary love and forgiveness that finally offer him peace from a lifetime of secrecy.


Here’s a book that took me by complete surprise. When the author told me it had a lot of sports in it, I wasn’t too keen to read it, but because I’ve read the other two books in the Clay and Tanner Thomas series, I was curious to see where it all started. As with “Skeleton Key” and “Bulletproof”, the second and third books in this series, “Loving the Rain” also turned out to be an exceptional read!

Written with what I’ve come to recognize as the author’s signature tongue-in-cheek humor and an insightfulness into the human character, Jeff LaFerney not only explores the upside of what it is like to have parapsychological powers and the power to manipulate minds; but also the consequences of what happens when good people use those powers irresponsibly, no matter how well intended. Of course, no mystery novel is complete without a vengeful villain, and Jack Harding is no exception. His character adds new dimension to the term “bad guy”.

This being the author’s first novel, I’m adequately impressed by his impeccable writing which enticed and engaged me from the very start of the book. Solid characters, gripping dialogue, a surprise tearjerker ending, and a unique plot which keeps the reader guessing and in suspense until the very last page, makes “Loving the Rain” a memorable book.  

To sum it all up in one sentence - Jeff LaFerney’s writing is an absolute joy to read, and this book deserves a rating of ten stars!



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