Tuesday, April 24, 2012

QUICK REVIEW: "Bulletproof" - by Jeff LaFerney

by Jeff LaFerney

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow


After a devastating injury to his father, Clay Thomas is abandoned by two of the people closest to him while being pursued by the local police chief for crimes he didn’t commit. He is determined to find the culprit of a series of local robberies while fulfilling a promise to a ghost to solve his eleven-year-old murder. Clay and his son, Tanner, incorporate their unique mind-control abilities to solve the crimes, restoring broken relationships in the process. Bulletproof is the third exciting installment in the Clay and Tanner Thomas mystery/suspense series.


Heart-warming, compelling, unforgettable – a novel which never loses its hold on the reader – “Bulletproof” is a perfect blend of humor, intrigue, drama, mystery and the paranormal. Early on in the book, I fell in love with the characters, their world, the endless questions and the stunning plot twists. With characters you’ll love to love and others you’ll love to hate, the author effortlessly created a mystery where nothing is quite what it seems.

Having also read the author’s second novel, “Skeleton Key”, meeting up with Clay, Tanner, Erika and Jasper felt like being with old and well-loved friends again. This beautifully-crafted novel introduces the reader to a diverse array of characters caught in situations in which the odds are staggering; but at the heart of it all are a father and son who would go to great lengths to help the people they love, as well as the ones who unknowingly need them.

Jeff LaFerney’s breathtaking new novel will have readers falling in love with the ingenuity of an author who once again wrote from the heart to get to the heart. The author pays careful attention to well-researched detail; and delivers dialogue with a punch - succeeding in making the characters utterly believable.

A powerful plot with an unexpected and brilliant climax, building up to its knee-jerking final twists, this book is impossible to put down. It stayed in my mind long after I had finished reading it.




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