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QUICK REVIEW: "Forced Intelligence" - by JH Glaze

by JH Glaze

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow


What if we could boost the intelligence of humans through a process of brain stimulation using frequencies close to those of the average mobile phone? 

Doctors Connor and Shafer have been working for years to perfect the treatment, but on the day of the experiment, a careless lab technician makes a mistake that jeopardizes the lives of everyone in the facility. 

With the military closing in, the clock is ticking, and when their time runs out... 

A fast paced short story from JH Glaze.


As a rule, I don’t read short stories. It’s just not my thing. But because I’ve read two other marvelous books written by this incredible author – “The Spirit Box” and “NorthWest” - I decided to give this one a go. After finishing reading it in the space of an hour, I wasn’t actually surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as quality writing of the highest standard is exactly what I have come to expect from author JH Glaze, and as always, he didn’t disappoint.

Overall I found this short story to be simultaneously entertaining and daunting. I can’t tell you much about the characters, setting, plot, etc, without giving any spoilers, but what I can say is this: it gets you thinking. Even the impressive cover art sent chills up my spine and had me envisioning scientific experiments gone wrong.

I greatly appreciate books where I can walk away with a million thoughts in my head as to the different endings the story could’ve had. The scariest question for me was “but what if…..?” Terrifying truths, a dollop of irony and a laugh or two are only some of the elements that make up this quick read. No matter what your genre preference, “Forced Intelligence” will undoubtedly have an impact on the reader in some way or another. I thus give it a well-deserved 5 stars!


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