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QUICK REVIEW: "Witch Hunt" (Book 2 of the Hayle Coven novels) - by Patti Larsen

WITCH HUNT” (Book 2 of the Hayle Coven Novels)
by Patti Larsen

REVIEWED BY: Ellen Fritz


Teen witch Sydlynn Hayle finally did it. Despite the fact she's a social outcast, Syd finally made friends. Even the captain of the football team wants to be her boyfriend. When an ancient power is freed to ravage her new town, Syd does her best to help her family fight. Too bad the mysterious Chosen of the Light don't see things her way. Their interference could lead to her family's destruction.


If I thought the first book in this series was an absolute must read, then “Witch Hunt” must be something like a double must read! 

Six months along and Sydlynn Hayle is still in the same town and the same school but now has a circle of friends and even a boyfriend.  She is learning to use her magical powers, enjoying her life with her friends and going to parties like any normal teenage girl. 

One of the parties turns into a disaster when an ancient power arises to start feeding on kids with latent magical powers. When the mean cheerleader Suzanne are possessed, and town folk and coven members start disappearing, Syd’s coven has to step in and do something about it. That is when things get out of hand.

Syd's crazy grandmother, who can only be subdued by a constant supply of chocolates and tequila, continues with her antics in this book, entertaining the reader to no end.  And let's not forget another contributor who adds to the magic of this story - the silver Persian cat, Sassafras, who is really something else imprisoned in the body of a cat.   

Once I started reading Witch Hunt, I simply couldn't put it down. The nonstop excitement, action and drama kept me sitting on the edge of my seat. As I had become very fond of many of the characters when reading the first book in the series, “Family Magic”, I was really concerned that something bad may befall one of them during this story. 

The dialogue is extremely well written but most enjoyable, and often hilarious, is the inner dialogue and thoughts of the main character, Syd. When she thinks of the bad guy as somebody with two god-complexes and a serious multiple personality disorder, I was shouting with laughter. 

Patti Larsen brilliantly combines just the right amount of action, warmth and humor in this book - something which I always admire greatly in authors. I would strongly recommend this young adult novel to readers of all ages.  Once again this gifted writer has given her readers a beautiful, warm-hearted and very suspenseful 5 star read to enjoy. 


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Patti writes a lot of middle grade and YA paranormal books for someone who is afraid of the dark. And she wonders why she has to sleep with the lights on. Sometimes life is a teenaged B horror movie and she’s the one who investigates when the scary music is playing. But the voices are calling and resistance is… Yes. She is a Star Trek geek, too. And a fan of RPG’s. With a slight coolness factor since she's been told she's allowed to join the pops. At least, she likes to think she’s cool... 


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