Saturday, February 25, 2012

QUICK REVIEW: "Kill Me Now" - by Lawrence Fisher

by Lawrence Fisher

REVIEWED BY: David Fritz


Kill Me Now is about Lawrence, a man in his late 40s dodging bullets deep in the dating battlefield while searching for THE ONE.

In “Kill Me Now!” Lawrence tries to decode the signals of his enigmatic opponent, often resulting in his hasty retreat. Why is she resting her head on her hand? Is she bored? Or is she interested? He finds himself in many humorous situations where he has no idea what he is doing and no idea how to manoeuvre through the skirmish.

Trapped in the epicentre of the courting conflict, the motivating thought that sustains him is his strong belief that somewhere out there, she awaits.

Join Lawrence as he painfully stumbles through the mating minefield in search for his SOULMATE while silently wishing that he was elsewhere.

"Kill Me Now is a riot... It is original."


Lawrence Fisher progressed to the ripe age of 40-plus without being dragged to the altar. As it goes in life, the older he got, the less he moved in the dating circles. But then three life-altering events took place in quick succession, which sent him back into the dating arena.

Lawrence shares with the reader 47 of his dating experiences during an eight-month period. All real-life experiences, related with a spark of humour. Read all about the good, the bad and the ugly, with all their tricks and eccentricities. Although written from a male perspective, there's plenty the fairer sex will find to laugh about. Meet nose-picking Allison, arsonist/terrorist Sally, Robin the witch and many more colourful characters!

It’s a delightful read; especially for days when you're down or stuck in places you don't like to be - like maybe a dentist's waiting room.

The short chapters makes for quick and easy reading, so keep this book in your handbags/moon bags, in the cubby hole, or download an electronic version to your favourite reading device, then zip it out for a quick, mood-lifting read in stalled traffic or while waiting in that seemingly endless queue.

A very enjoyable 4 star read!



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