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SHOWCASING: "A Ripple in Time" (Celtic Cousins' Adventures) - by Julia Hughes

“A RIPPLE IN TIME – ANGEL OF THE TITANIC” (Celtic Cousins’ Adventures)
by Julia Hughes

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth ... than are dreamt of.” So said Shakespeare, who knew a thing or two about dreams. 

A young woman experiences nightmares of a terrifying collision; a collision with a mountain of ice that dwarves even the magnificent ship taking her across the Atlantic; the Titanic. These visions are so realistic, Carina demands that extra vigilance is taken especially on the night of April 14th. Captain Smith and his crew are convinced by the youngster’s vivid descriptions and steadfast belief that she has seen the future, consequently the disaster is averted and Titanic steams safely into New York harbour, breaking trans-Atlantic crossing records on her maiden voyage. 

Eventually realising that the alternative world he has woken up to has been caused by a ripple in time, Wren learns he must somehow travel back one hundred years, to the year 1912 and ensure the ship of dreams fulfils her destiny. Helping him with this quest is Carrie, a descendent of Carina, and Wren’s hedonistic cousin Rhyllann. 
Once on board the great ship, as the tragedy begins to unfold Wren is faced with unthinkable choices: In order to restore the world to this timeline, and save his own life, hundreds of innocent women and children must perish. 


APRIL 1912 – Carina’s dream.

Carina sat as though in school; instead of a slate somehow an eerie pool of green glowed unnaturally. The waters rippled but didn’t spill onto the table. Newspaper headlines rose before her incongruous eyes.

‘Unsinkable.’ States owner Mr J. Bruce Ismay.

‘We’ll set a new Atlantic Crossing Record.’ Cpt. E. J. Smith. 

‘Titanic sinks. Thousands feared drowned. Liverpool, London and New York in mourning.’

Carina’s eyes flickered from one headline to another, her hand stealing to her mouth, swallowing down the scream. The photographs, my lord, the photographs. She looked closer at the blank faced women huddled beneath blankets, bewildered children clinging to them. 

TITANIC: US Senate Investigation:
‘Human error to blame. Scandal of the half empty lifeboats.’ 

Even in her dream state bile burned her chest. Carina’s gaze continued to flicker from one headline to another, constantly drawn back to the black and white images of survivors, searching for two little faces in particular.
Inside her head a voice sounded. 

‘Do something. For the love of God, do something.’

‘No!’ With this cry of anguish, Carina woke herself up, placing a hand on top of her heart, trying to still its frantic beating. Those dreams, they were so real - and the newspaper headlines! Carina shivered at the recollection; she’d never in a million years be able to drag anything so specific from her own imagination, this had to be a sign, a forewarning: Somehow someone was trying to warn of a terrible disaster yet to happen: Although everyone said the Titanic was unsinkable, and the great ship was almost half way to America, the feeling of dread that lined her stomach since she’d stepped onboard, even before she’d started having those awful nightmares, refused to leave her. 

Carina’s bunk shook as the small form of Peggy darted into bed beside her, to be quickly joined by her sister Alice, both girls burrowing under Carina’s arms for an early morning cuddle. Clutching them close, Carina knew the voice was right; she had to do something. The woman she shared a room with, Martha, treated her like one of her own daughters. As did her husband, Jimmy. She would tell him her dream. Ask him nicely just as a special favour to her to keep an extra eye open; especially on the eve of April 14. 


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