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QUICK REVIEW and AUTHOR INTERVIEW: "Creatura" - by Nely Cab

by Nely Cab

REVIEWED BY: Books4Tomorrow


When seventeen year-old Isis Martin is having trouble sleeping due to perturbing dreams of a horrific growling beast, she decides to confront her fear. But what Isis discovers is something other than a menacing entity.
The human-like creature offers Isis assurance that he is not a figment of her imagination. Unwilling to accept his avowal, Isis sets his words to contest by asking the entity to prove himself - a dare, he readily welcomes.
It is in her dreams that Isis innocently stumbles upon the silent existence of the divine lineage of those that man has long forgotten.
In a quaint town, deep in south Texas, this story leads Isis onto the path of impermissible love and captivating life-changing truths. Isis Martin's journey is sure to leave any reader ravenous for more.

This is probably not the best way to start a review, but I can sum up my impression of “Creatura” in one word – WOW!! I kept envisioning what a blockbuster movie this book will make!

Since I received this book for review, I’ve been looking forward to reading it. I had such high expectations for it, and I can tell you now I wasn’t disappointed in the least bit. “Creatura” surpassed all my expectations, delighted and pleasantly surprised me. It is so delectably different and unique. No vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, faeries, or any of the usual suspects, but something entirely different which stretches the imagination beyond its limits.

An imaginative, engaging plotline; loveable, down-to-earth characters (and tons of hot guys); catchy dialogue and charming, witty banter between the characters are only a few of the elements which make this book such an unforgettable read. Unexpected twists and turns throughout the story keeps the reader captivated, but best of all?  The author gets her point across without the use of profanity or having the characters boink the daylights out of each other.

The romance between the main characters, Isis and David, is what fairytales are made of, but instead of Isis throwing herself into David’s arms in the first few chapters of the book, the author cleverly prolongs and builds up the reader’s expectations for a love between these two characters that is worth the wait. It was refreshing to read a book with a strong female lead for a change; one who makes the object of her affection work for her love instead of just giving it to him from the get go (as is the tendency with most young adult books).

“He needs to learn to fight a battle without weapons. The struggle will teach him to value and respect you. That is a lesson that must be learned on one’s own.”

Another exceptional and enjoyable element of this book is reading the poetry and love letters written by David to Isis, which is, to say the least, swoon-worthy! It was pleasantly surprising to find that the author also has a knack for writing verse that plasters a grin on your face. It’s just so sweet – and I don’t even like poetry.

“Creatura” is an easy-reading, enjoyable young adult novel suitable for readers of all ages. It’s an overall feel-good book. It’s the sort of book you’ll proudly display on your bookshelf as a constant reminder to be read again within the next six months. Fellow bookworms, keep an eye on Nely Cab. She’s heading straight to the top of the bestseller’s list!


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Q: What inspired you to write “Creatura”?

A: A promise to myself, a bucket list and boredom.

When I was ten and quite naïve, I submitted a manuscript to a well-known publishing company. They rejected the manuscript because I was un-agented. That’s when I placed that dream on a list of things I should do before I died. Much later, I found out those were called Bucket Lists.

After I resigned from my job as a social worker and trying to find things to keep myself occupied, I realized that I had run out of crafting ideas. I wasn’t inspired to paint or draw, and I discovered crotching wasn’t my thing. So I took to reading, and I ran across some books with which I fell in love. I observed the author’s style of writing and thought to myself, “I can do that.” Then, I remembered that promise I had made to myself and the item that I hadn’t yet scratched off.

I started writing short stories, but was writing for no one, except myself. I decided I’d write a short story with an audience in mind – my sister. After my sister read the first ten pages and pressured me for more material, the spark in my hidden writer’s heart ignited. She had sincerely liked it. I knew I had found my new hobby. Little did I know that this short story would result in the birth of my first book.

Q: How did you come up with the title?

A: The name of the book has to do with a being that is mentioned in the story. When I was looking for a name to call this being, all I could think of calling it was a creature, but that seemed rather boring. I began to think of what language was used by the deities in the book, and went straight to Google. From there, I unconvered the Latin translation, Creatura. The word was intriguing to me.

Q: Who designed the cover and how much input did you have regarding the design?

A: I personally designed the cover of the book. The image of the tree is my own artwork. I have a lot of information regarding the design. I’ll explain what it means:

The tree depicts not one, but two trees that weave together, forming the infinity symbol. The fruit that the branches hold are pomegranates, which were the forbidden fruit that Hades used to trick Persephone into eating so that she would never leave the Underworld,

You’ll notice that the trees have sprouted only a few leaves, representing new and young life. In essence, the tree tells the story of two young lovers struggling to be united for infinity, but surrounded by conflicts  – the fruit – that impedes their eternal love.

Q: Which of your characters in “Creatura” are your favorite?

A: My favorite character in the story is a secondary character named Galen. Galen is one of the Main Character’s brothers. I like his personality because he’s very assesnine, yet funny. You never know what to expect him to say.

My other favorite character is David, the hero, because he’s chivalrous and dreamy.  I won’t go into detail about David, but I will tell that I’ve dreamt of this personality since I was ten years old.

Q: Is “Creatura” your first book?

A: Yes, “Creatura” is my first book, but I am currently working on a second book, which is part of the “Creatura” series.

Q: What was the hardest part of writing “Creatura”?

A: The hardest part of writing “Creatura” was developing twists in the plotline that would keep me interested and motivated enough to continue writing. I figured if the story was boring to me, then my sister – she was my main and only audience –  wouldn’t read it.

Q: Did you learn anything from writing “Creatura” and what was it?

A: I learned that writing a book takes a lot of time and dedication, and that you can’t hurry a story that doesn’t want to end.

Q: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in “Creatura”?

A: As my own worst critic, yes, absolutely. I would reword, edit and refine it, but that would take another lifetime to do because I’ve realized that writers are never fully satisfied with their own works.

Q: If “Creatura” had to be made into a major motion picture, who would you choose for the roles of Isis and David?

A: I would choose new actors that aren’t in the mainstream because I’d like faces that the public has never seen to represent my characters. Isis would be a simple, yet rare beauty with big, green eyes and David would have to be gorgeous and have a strong, intriguing stare.

Q: What are your current projects?

A: Currently I’m working on book two of the “Creatura” Series, entitled “Vivus.”

Q: Can you share a little of your current work with us?

A: Here’s an excerpt from my work in progress:

“My merciless teeth tore open her thin, frail throat. The crunch of her oesophagus between my jaws made her body jerk. I could taste the iron in her warm blood as it trickled down the side of my mouth and over my chin. I felt the desperation in her as she struggled to fend for her life, gasping for air and clawing her fingers into my arms. Finally, her eyes fell back into her lids, and her body became a limp piece of meat that no longer held my interest.
The passengers’ screams reminded me I was not alone. I raised my head in search of new prey.  The terror that filled their eyes, delivered me into the open arms of euphoria. Feeling the bliss of satiation, it was then I realized I liked to kill. “   – Vivus by Nely Cab

Q: Do you have any advice for other writers?

A: Don’t be afraid to write down ideas, no matter how crazy they may seem. There will always be someone that will be interested in a fresh, new story.


Nely Cab was born on December 9, 1974, in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. She has lived and resided in Texas most of her life. In 2001, the author relocated to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, where she dedicated time to the study of culinary arts and the art of oil painting.

After her return to the U.S., she resumed her employment in banking and later transitioned to the field of Social Work.

Today, Nely Cab writes from the comfort of her home in South Texas, where she lives with her husband and son. Currently, Ms. Cab is working on the second installment in her debut series "Creatura".

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