Friday, December 16, 2011

SHOWCASING: "Soul Protector" - by Amanda Leigh Cowley

by Amanda Leigh Cowley

After being dragged on a night out to celebrate a friend’s birthday, Gracie discovers a unique talent; one that makes her doubt her sanity. She decides to keep it to herself until she can make sense of it.

Gracie tries out her gift a second time, but unaware of a visible aura, she is abducted off the street. Her kidnapper is Dan; a handsome, charismatic ‘monitor.’ Once he establishes Gracie didn't understand what she was doing, he helps her, introducing her to the secret world of the Soul Protector.

Gracie knows she must find strength to embrace what she is, but she will have to dig deep because a secret from the past is waiting to catch up with her. And it will take all her courage to face it.


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