Friday, December 16, 2011

SHOWCASING: "The Path To Being A Writer" by AMY RICHIE - author of "Timeless"

AMY RICHIE, author ofTimelesstalks to us aboutTHE PATH TO BEING A WRITER

I am a writer and like most writers, I love to write. I love when a character in my head becomes real on a piece of paper. It thrills me beyond words when other people begin to know these characters and talk about them as if they were real people. I always have a notebook and a pen on hand no matter where I go. My hands are usually covered in ink splotches and the callous on my pen finger I have lovingly titled my “writer’s bump”.  But I wasn’t always like this.

I have always written, because in school you pretty much have to, but I never saw writing stories as a career choice. I fell into a group at school of young budding authors. We all would trade chapters and feedback and sometimes (every once in a while) dream of actually writing for real. When we had to job shadow in eighth grade I followed around our local veterinarian. When he stuck his arm all the way into a cow’s rear end I knew it wasn’t a job for me. After high school and the elongated phase of working in a factory to get some quick money (seven years), I decided I wanted to be a nurse. It took eleven months and an orange waiting to be stuck with a needle for me to decide that nursing was not in my future either.

Single, with three kids, and no foreseeable career in mind I took a job at our local nursing home as a housekeeper/laundry/PM cook. I loved working there but only because of the people and not because of the work and certainly not for the hours. I seemed to be at work more often than home. It was during this time that I came back to my love of writing.

In my job, I usually worked alone, and I got bored. I started daydreaming about characters that aren’t real. In the real world it might be considered medication worthy to make up people in your head, but in the writing world it just comes with the territory. So I began writing, just for fun at first. Just for something to entertain myself. Eventually the stories began to come together to form a book. Suddenly I was beginning to get excited about young Eva and her quest to kill a vampire named Dominick Letrell.

My aunt worked there at the nursing home and she loved to read so I showed her some of what I had. She immediately demanded the next chapter. Talk about an ego boost! Before I knew it I had 46 chapters and a rough draft was born. My aunt told me to turn it in to a publisher but I didn’t think I was good enough for that. I did send it in to about half a dozen agents, most of my emails went unreplied so I gave up.

After my aunt died suddenly of a heart attack in March of 2011, I knew I needed to try again. Now, my book is out there and I am working on the next. I can finally start to see that just maybe I can be a writer, that it can actually be a career choice. There are no needles to stick in oranges or cow rear ends to stick your arm in so I am feeling good about this path. I can’t wait to see where it leads me.

by Amy Richie

After the earth is crippled by the asteroid Jewell, vampires come to the aid of the survivors. Some only want to help, others merely want to protect their way of life. And some simply have to be stopped.

Eva was created for one purpose, to kill notorious vampire Dominick Letrell. Neleh has devised a plan that cannot fail; travel back in time to when Dominick was his weakest and attack him there. Along with the help of David, the most intelligent vampire alive, the plan is set in motion. But then suddenly everything goes wrong and Eva is trapped in the past with no memory of why or how she got there. What happens when all the rules change?

Timeless is a story of betrayals and secrets and a love that will change everything.


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JulieJ said...

Sounds like a great story! Would love to do a review if you have physical books available.

Iggynut said...

Congratulations on the publication of your book. Who could resist a story of betrayal? Your journey of becoming a writing is touching. I sat with someone who went through the nursing home thing and was amazed at how much material there was for writing fiction. Good luck as you move along through your writing career.