Saturday, December 3, 2011

SHOWCASING: "Arms of an Angel" - by Linda Boulanger

by Linda Boulanger

Being wealthy and beautiful doesn’t promise an automatic ticket for happiness. Sometimes you need the angelic touch of someone who needs you as much as you need him… Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one set of wings ends and the other begins.  Claire is alluring, sensual – called an angel by some, though the woman she’s become is anything but celestial. Her heart is filled with pain so deeply embedded she doesn’t want to live any longer…until fate puts her into the hands of the most virtuous man she’s ever met; a man who needs someone like Claire to help him piece together the shattered bits of his own life.


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Excerpt for “ARMS OF AN ANGEL” by Linda Boulanger

“My apologies for the assumption.  I was thinking of your shopping, the packages…they usually accompany an evening out.”  He continued to fish.  “So you’ll be home?  Alone?”

“I didn’t say that.”  She knew what he wanted.  He knew she knew.  She ran her hands through her dark hair in a way that reminded Ranauld of how it felt to have his hands entwined in the soft lushness of her beautiful curls.  Her eyes danced as she moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue before continuing.  “But…I’ve got your number.  I’ll call if the need should arise.  A woman can’t be too careful about who she lets take her home…or who she lets stay…”

The building doorman chuckled as he held the door for her before retrieving her packages from the wilting chauffer.  “Perk up, man.”  The older gent clapped Ranauld on the back as he took Claire’s bags.  “She’s got your number.”

Charlie went away laughing, wondering how many other hearts were hurting over the unpossessable Claire Orion.  He wasn’t sure if that was a word even.  What he did know was that Claire Orion was her own woman.  The only man who’d ever had a hold on her had been her father and he’d never given her an ounce of anything except heartache.  He snorted thinking of the number of times she’d left the building crying over something he knew that man had said to her.  A quick death behind the wheel of a car was too good for him.  It was far better than he deserved after the way he’d killed Claire’s dreams and sense of worth.  It was more than he’d given his daughter who had been dying inside for a good many years.

Charlie could only hope she’d live long enough to learn to believe in herself.  She was a beautiful woman with a heart of gold and a generosity to match, but the way she lived…He shook his head and looked up toward the heavens.  Claire needed to find her place in this world.  She needed someone to help her, and fast.

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Rachel Rossano said...

Ooh! It looks even better than I thought. :) I will add it to my post Christmas buy list, Linda. :)

JulieJ said...

I would be very interested in reviewing this book!

ScottyD. said...

I loved this book !!! In a word it was "AWESOME"!