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QUICK REVIEW: "Betrayed" (Blood & Magick Series Book 1) - by Morrigan Michele & Misty Carmony

by Morrigan Michele & Misty Carmony

REVIEWED BY: Ellen Fritz

Love. Lies. Magick. Betrayal. 

Alexis Allcroft is used to being different, but nothing could have prepared her for the buried secrets about to be revealed. 

With her seventeenth birthday approaching the only thing on Alexis Allcroft's mind other than her birthday party is Sebastian Valto, the hot new guy in school. 

Things suddenly take a strange twist, and in an effort to take the spotlight off herself, a spell backfires and her secrets are revealed as well; secrets she didn't know existed. 
With her world quickly spinning out of control, Alexis realizes no one is what they appear to be, not even herself! Alexis will soon learn that family secrets run deep, blood deep....


As this is a very easy-to-read book, I read through it in one sitting. Alexis, already branded as a witch at her school because she is a Wiccan, decides to cast a spell to make everybody's secrets come out so that the unfriendly attention she is receiving would be transferred to others. When the spell actually works, the proverbial can of worms is opened; not only for the entire town but also for Alexis. Fortunately the new, very handsome boy at school, Sebastian, comes to the rescue, along with some very interesting characters. All this turns her life into a series of dangerous adventures. Can such a chaos causing spell be reversed? 

I truly enjoyed reading this story. The events flow comfortably into one another and the level of suspense and adventure was intense and exciting enough to keep me reading. The characters are memorable and the dialogue is strong and often quite amusing. I found that Alexis had depth to her character which made me sympathetic to her inner struggles as she discovers some uncomfortable truths about herself and those closest and dearest to her. The title of the book, “Betrayed”, is definitely not just a title. The main character has to deal with the fact that many of the people she trusted implicitly were not being very honest about who and what she is; or the secret world they all live in.

There is a touch of bitter-sweet romance in the book which brought a lump to my throat.  Although many of the supposedly “good” characters are revealed to be not quite as good as I thought them in the beginning, I still found myself liking them and sympathizing with them. The antagonists in the story are thoroughly nasty, but they have very good reasons for being mean. I appreciated that the authors created antagonists who are people with believable motives. 

As this book has a slight cliffhanger ending, I am hoping that the story will be continued in a next book. Although this is without a doubt a book suitable for young adults, I believe that older readers will also enjoy reading it. 

ELLEN’S star rating4/5


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