Friday, December 9, 2011

GUEST POST: A Christmas Miracle - Letter to Readers by author DANICA WINTERS

by Danica Winters

Love…Such a weighted word. As a writer, I think of Christmas and the cool touch of a snowflake as it melts upon the heroine’s blushing cheeks while she dances in the hero’s arms. 
I view love in a different (admittedly, more romantic) way. I think of the butterflies in one’s stomach that are created by a lover’s touch. I think about those seconds where eyes meet, a second that can unknowingly change the future. 
Yet, I find what I focus most upon, are those moments often wasted in real life. Those moments when we try to fall in love, and our silent fears and self-consciousness force us to say, “No…I can’t.” With my characters, I have the chance to stand up and say for my characters and my readers, “Yes. I can...” 
In my recently released, award-winning short story, A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, I revel in the chance to break down the fences that we all build around ourselves and I show that everything is possible if we just allow ourselves to say, “Yes. I can..”.
Please, take a moment and read, A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, it will leave you filled with the joy and love of the Christmas season.
Wishing you the happiest of holidays…
-Danica Winters


Christie has defined herself by her wheelchair and has created a world filled with ‘I can’t’. When she meets her marathon running, salsa dancing neighbor, Marcus, he tries to show her that there is more to life than self-imposed limits and other peoples’ judgments.
 Will Christie open her heart and her mind to her sexy neighbor, or will the pain of her past keep her a prisoner in her own life?

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