Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quick Review: The Betrothal by Richard Raley



One night, Our Hero is huddled over his keyboard when he receives a phone call from his best friend Alan Edwards. Alan has spent the last two years doing missionary work in Chile and only just got back to the States. He’s got some great news. Alan’s getting married…in a week…to a girl he’s never met. You’ll be the Best Man, won’t you, buddy?

Our Hero agrees, but is unsure how this whole betrothal happened. Something smells fishy and he plans to get to the bottom of it, even if it means breaking up the wedding, breaking the heart of the only girl he's liked in years, or the bride breaking one of his bones. 

This has to be the "bleeping" funniest book I've ever read! (Note: in order to get the "bleeping" part you have to read the book) The author, Richard Raley, should he ever decide to stop writing, which I don't recommend, could be a comedian. Honestly the book was that snarky (another book reference).

This is the week long story of Phin and his adventures to save Alan, a lifelong friend who has just returned from a two year Mormon mission in Chile, from a fate worse than death....marriage! No really, in this case it is a horrible fate as the woman and her family are only using Alan for money. I'm jumping too far ahead for you, I know, but please try to keep up! Okay, back to the storyline. Phin and his other lifelong pal, Tad (the male version of Aphrodite, but more human less god) travel to Utah to not only be in the wedding but also try to, hopefully, get it cancelled. Along the way Phin has his fair share of bumps and bruises. Seriously, by the end of the book you might just think Phin is the unluckiest man alive.

Once in Utah the reader is introduced to Emily, the evil bride to be, and her strange family members. As if her beauty doesn't make Phin question why she would marry Alan, her immense fortune and mansion do. Our Phin is a glass half empty sarcastic son of a gun. Not long after getting settled Phin is introduced to Sam, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and Emily's arch nemesis, so now his partner in crime to ruin the wedding. Actually, just to confuse you, we'll also add Hannah to the mix. Sam's beautiful and incredibly sweet sister, who wouldn't hurt a fly, but has her eye on Alan.

With a quick-witted, laugh out loud, book you're bound to read with a smile on your face. Some of the one-liners were so funny I literally read them out loud to the people around me. There's enough storyline to keep you occupied, it's not just a humor novel. You'll quickly come to be annoyed by, but in love with, Phin's character, jealous of Tad's female-getting ways, and wondering how you could be as tender hearted as Hannah. Not to mention wanting to push Emily off of a cliff. A good read for male or female.

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