Saturday, November 10, 2012


by Devan Sagliani

REVIEWED BY: Ellen Fritz


When 16 year old Xander's older brother Moto left him at Vandenberg Airforce Base he only had one request - don't leave no matter what. But there was no way he could have known that one day zombies would gather into groups big enough to knock down walls and take out entire buildings full of people. That was before the rise of the horde!

Now Xander is on the run, fleeing south to Port Hueneme to locate his brother with nothing but his martial arts training and the katana blade left to him. Along the way he'll have to fight for his life against other survivors, neo-Nazi's, outlaw bikers, gang bangers, cannibals, cult members, and a seemingly endless sea of flesh hungry zombies.

But Xander is far from alone. Traveling with him are Benji, a 12 year old comic book geek, and Felicity Jane, a childhood celebrity with wild mood swings. Will they make it together in one piece to the safe zone or will they become the next meal for a hungry horde of wild zombies?

Zombie Attack! Rise of the Horde is filled with pulse pounding undead action from the very first chapter up until the bitter sweet end. From rock stars and celebrities to false prophets and miracle workers, this book has it all! The story takes off like a bullet and doesn't slow down until the last sentence. You won't be able to put it down!


“Zombie Attack: Rise of the Horde” is everything the blurb promises it to be, and much, much more!  When the current world order collapses into chaos under the shuffling feet of flesh-eating zombies, and law and order can no longer be maintained; those who thrive in a lawless world get together to create even more chaos.  Gangsters and those who oppose them, Neo-Nazi’s and cannibals, are just some of the dangers Xander, Benji and Felicity have to face on their journey to the safe zone at Port Hueneme.  Along the way they even run into a religious cult who tends to use strangers as sacrifices and as food for their caged zombies.  

With bloody, gory action, and nail-biting suspense from the start, which does not let up until the last sentence, I finished this book in one day.  Of all the post-apocalyptic books I have read, this one actually scared me the most, as it projects a truly frightening end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it scenario. The main character, Xander, is one of the best crafted characters I have ever encountered.  Not only is his personality absolutely realistic but his sarcastic, smart-mouth comments will make you laugh out loud - that is when he’s not getting into some trouble because of said mouth.  Where Xander is slightly aggressive, bitter, and jaded at times, his young friend Benji is a kind boy who wins the hearts of people with his sweet disposition.  The third member of their group, Felicity Jane, mood swings and all, proves to be a diplomatic asset when it really counts.  Amidst the seriousness, suspense and heartbreak of their journey, the trio still find time for fun and relaxation and, yes, even for a few gentle romantic moments. 

A tale of despair and sacrifice, small precious victories, farewells and reunions, and subtle spirituality, “Zombie Attack: Rise of the Horde” is a book I would highly recommend to readers looking for an enormously thrilling story with a degree of depth to it.  As the book ends with a bit of a cliff hanger, I sincerely hope that we'll soon see more books from this brilliant author.


“Zombie Attack: Rise of the Horde” by Devan Sagliani has 13 reviews on Goodreads. Read it here.



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