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QUICK REVIEW: "Ros" - by Dee DeTarsio

by Dee DeTarsio

REVIEWED BY: Ellen Fritz

When a plane crashed behind Micki Cramer's house, in San Diego, California, she kept waiting for the sirens and rescue team to show up. As the first responder, it was up to her to tug on the arm that was waving out of the broken wreckage. Holding her breath against the choking smoke, she managed to get the pilot out and carry him to safety into her backyard. He wasn't that heavy; he was about the size of her 10-year-old nephew, who did play a lot of video games and ate nothing but Flamin' Hot Cheetos, but still. As it turns out, he wasn't a guy after all.

Ros, the pilot, was on a mission to find her missing brother who had crash-landed at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Seems she was a bad driver, too, missing her target by nearly a thousand miles and more than half a century.

If Ros can teach Micki how to use eleven percent of her brain, how can Micki help Ros?

If laughter is the best medicine, then this book will be your pharmacy!  While I was reading it, the people around me were treated to frequent guffaws, shouts of laughter and extended howls of mirth.

The book starts with a bang. Literally!  As the story is written from a first person perspective, the reader gets a good look into Micki's thoughts and inner dialogue, which is mostly hilarious but also touching at times. Enter Rhoda, the self centered former mother-in-law, who suffers from both Alzheimer's and an unhealthy love of casinos and add to this Gal, the cat, who had developed a somewhat embarrassing problem after she had been spayed. Just to make it more interesting, throw in a couple of college kids and an elderly widower; and you have a group of characters who will keep you entertained up to the very last page.

Of course we must not forget the most important person in the story - Ros, who apart from being a completely lovable character, also has a treasure trove of wisdom to impart. I got so hooked on all these brilliantly portrayed characters, I was devastated when the book ended.  “Ros” is full of clever and hysterically funny word play; and even during more serious moments, the reader is given something to smile about. 

This is the best blend of superb humor, stimulating action and truly tasteful romance I have come across in a long time.  The author skillfully uses references to literature and popular culture to draw the reader into the story in a very realistic way.  “Ros” is an absolute must-read, guaranteeing the reader an unparalleled reading experience - a book you will not be able to put down once you’ve started reading it.
Dee DeTarsio makes you look forward to what she has in store for her readers next!

ELLEN’s star rating5/5



After growing up in Ennui, Ohio, and graduating from Ohio State University, Dee vowed ‘never to be cold again’ (in a tantrum more worthy of Suellen than Scarlett) and ended up in Tucson, Arizona, producing the news for the CBS affiliate, oddly enough called KOLD-TV. 

She moved to San Diego where she worked in the SeaWorld entertainment department as a Producer/Writer. (Penguins are mean!) Dee then became a Producer/Writer with NBC for a live, comedy/variety show. After working for Children’s Hospital, she totally sold out and became the Marketing Director of a cosmetic dermatology group where she got free Botox. 

Though her father was never famous and her mother never beat her (that hard!) she suspects one of her sisters is a vampire.



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Dee DeTarsio said...

Wow! What a brilliant, amazing review of Ros--it makes me want to re-read it! I can't thank you enough for helping get the word out--Ros is a tough sell, but thanks to people like you, maybe other readers will want to give it a try! Thank you SO much!